Another Benefit of Email Archiving: Regulatory Compliance

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  • A dedicated email archiving solution provides your organization with the ability to satisfy a variety of State and Federal Regulations. Third party email archiving solutions provide storing, searching and retrieving capabilities which enable your compliance officer to manage emails in accordance with your organization’s specific legal requirements.  Compliance regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Securities and Exchange Commission Rules (SEC Rule 17a-4 & Rule 17a-3) can all be met by using a dedicated, third party Email Archiving solution.

    The above listed regulations, and others, require the preservation of electronic communication.  This communication consists of emails, instant messages, file attachments and other electronic messaging.  Dedicated email archive solutions are capable of securely storing all the email communication, including both internal and external emails.  Email Archiving also provides the ability to quickly search the relevant emails for review and retrieval for a Freedom of Information Act or eDiscovery request.

    Industry Audits

    In some industries, organizations have to pass regular audits.  Email archiving solutions are designed with the auditing requirements in mind.  Therefore, they have the built-in tools and reports to meet stringent audit requirements.  One of the most important requirements is an audit trail of all actions taken by the users; searching, search criteria, viewed emails, forwarded emails, email comments, tagging, legal hold, etc..  The history of each email can be found and reviewed. Email archiving also provides information when the emails are stored on unalterable media like write once read many (WORM) tapes.

    Discovery Request

    In legal terms, the discovery process is the process by which the prosecution and defense present their evidence for each other’s perusal before a trial begins. A dedicated email archiving solution provides tools to fulfill these discovery requests by enabling the user to quickly and easily search, find and retrieve the relevant emails.  Those emails can then be exported to a a zip file or thumb drive, which can be given to the requesting party. When this is done in the presence of a law enforcement officer, the entire process meets the requirements for what is referred to as the chain of custody for any evidence used in a trial.

    Intradyn’s RazorSafe and ORCA email archiving appliances have the tools and features to assist your organization in meeting its compliance needs.  For more information on how Intradyn can help your business manage its email and let you stay compliant, contact

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