How Do Intradyn’s Prices Compare to the Competition?

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We know that understanding different solution providers’ pricing can sometimes be challenging, which is why we wanted to answer some questions we frequently hear:

How do you structure your pricing?

Our physical hardware appliance and virtual software are licensed by storage capacity. Our cloud-based technology is priced per active mailbox, with unlimited storage and no penalty for inactive mailboxes. Please note that for our cloud offering, we do charge a nominal upfront fee to import existing data.

Do I need to pay extra for support?

No — support is included in our pricing. While other organizations may have hidden fees for support after the sale, we’re committed to providing quality support at no additional cost to you.

Speaking of hidden fees, do you have any?

No, never — you’ll never pay more than your quoted price.

What kind of support is included in your pricing?

When you purchase any of our archiving solutions, you also get a dedicated two-person support team — a support representative and an engineer — to answer any questions you might have and ensure that Intradyn meets your organization’s specific needs.

Is there a trial version of your software that I can test out?

Yes! We offer trial version of both our virtual and cloud archiving solutions, which you can find here.

What functionality will I get with the trial version?

Both of our trials are designed to give you the complete Intradyn experience, which means they both offer full functionality. The only limitation is that that full functionality only lasts for the duration of the trial period.

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