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Benefits of Email Archiving with Us

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Your Email Infrastructure will become Compliant with all State, Federal & Industry Regulation

Regulatory compliance and responding to electronic discovery requests are mandatory, yet often imprecise, and the question remains of how best to satisfy these requirements and minimize risk.

Meanwhile, IT organizations are being asked to contain, reduce, slice, and dice costs, while maintaining IT service levels for core applications such as email messaging.

All of these painful challenges bring significant costs and risks to the organization, placing even more demand on email administrators’ limited time and their ability to service end users’ needs.

Intradyn helps organization meet regulatory compliance. Schedule a free consultation with one of our email archiving specialist

Compatible Email Servers

We Archive with Most Email Servers Whether Hosted Yourself or Outsourced to a 3rd Party.

Our solution is designed on open standards and open access in order to provide maximum flexibility and future-proofing. Intradyn takes universal support approach. Our solution is compatible with any server that IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) RFC 822 or RFC 2822 compliant.

Some of the supported email servers and email services are:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange Online – Office 365
  • IBM’s Lotus Domino/Notes 8.5, higher
  • Novell GroupWise 7, 8, higher
  • Google Apps (gmail)

Send us an email or call, if you don’t see your email server listed here and want to know if our solution is compatible with it.

sales@intradyn.com or 1-800-248-4156

Compatible Email Servers
Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Technology that Empowers You to Search All Email Conversations, Set Legal Holds, Place Tags and Honor Retention Policies.

  • Flexible and Granular Email Retention Policy: A policy that establishes how long an email should remain in your email archiving solution before being deleted automatically.
  • Legal Hold Automation: Use ‘Legal Hold’ when you need to find and save email which should not be deleted.
  • eDiscovery and Litigation Support with Messaging Intelligence: Using Relationship Analytics to Help in Investigations.
  • Easy, Intuitive and Advanced Search Interface: The most advanced search interface, easily find that one email out of millions or even billions of emails.

See these features and more in action. Schedule a free consultation with one of our email archiving specialist

Email Archiving Solutions

Cloud, Virtual Appliance or Hardware Appliance. You will find the same features across all three platforms

See what Our Customers say About Us

In 17 years working here I’ve never seen the process move so fast from initial quote to implementation. You guys were a huge reason for this success.

Allen Pilgrim City of Albany, Oregon

One neat thing about Intradyn is I suggested a couple of things to them and they were happy to have me suggest those things. They take customer input and implement it as new features. They listen.

Randy Johnson IT Director, Goodhue County, Minnesota

The setup could not have been any easier. It’s amazing, but we actually accomplished full email compliance with this single device in less than 10 minutes.

Christopher Ferski IT Director, Lizard Middle Market, New York

There isn’t anywhere that Orca [email archiver] has fallen short for us. Plus, the security of having our email archives readily available in media that’s going to be around for a while is great.

Thomas Mohagen Office Administrator, Tax Law Office, North Dakota

Put your Big Data to Work for You

Email archives are valuable sources of information for your entire organization

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Compliance and Legal Issues

Nearly every business and organization is governed by local, state, or federal compliance regulations for email archiving. Additionally, if you so much as hear a rumor that your messages will be subpoenaed, you need to lock down that content immediately or face fines, prosecution, and/or increased lawyer bills.

Customer Service Insights

By having the ability to track customer requests and interactions a company can figure out the wisest course of action for their business. Being able to data mine through old emails is a great way to get a read on the customer base. This solution provides a complete 360° communication view.

Intellectual Property

Thanks to our technology driven society a vast majority of inter-office communication is done via email. Ideas are tossed around, decisions made, changes to policies, etc. Many day-to-day workings of a company are completed or confirmed through email communication. (Studies show that up to 75% of a company’s intellectual property is stored in email!)

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Why Companies are Ordered to Produce Emails?

Organizations are being increasingly called upon to document their data management practices, so that all stakeholders are on notice regarding the liabilities associated with email messages.


Companies have been ordered (as part of legal action) to produce employee email


Companies have used archived content for pre-discovery purposes


Companies have referred back to historical content to support innocence


Companies have been ordered (as part of audit) to produce employee email


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