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We Provide Email Archiving Solutions
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We Provide Email Archiving Solutions
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Regulatory Compliance

A proven and effective archiving solution—helping bring your emails into compliance with all State, Federal & Industry Regulation.

Regulatory Compliance

Compatible Email Server

Versatile and vast, this email archiving solution is compatible with any email server—no matter if it’s hosted yourself or outsourced to a 3rd party.

Compatible Email Server

Advanced Technology

Expand your research using an advanced email archiving interface capable of easy and intuitive search, as well as ability to set legal holds, place tags and honor retention.

Advanced Technology

Flexible Deployment

An email archiving solution catered to your preference of platform—cloud, virtual appliance and hardware appliance.

Flexible Deployment

The setup could not have been any easier. It’s amazing, but we actually accomplished full email compliance with this single device in less than 10 minutes.

Christopher Ferski

IT Director, Lazard Middle Market

In 17 years working here I’ve never seen the process move so fast from initial quote to implementation. You guys were a huge reason for this success.

Allen Pilgrim

City of Albany, Oregon

We looked at balancing our budget with the best product available … It was clearly the best choice.

Craig Nelson

Director IT, McLean County Government

Everything is going really well. You guys are really wonderful to work with and the product is awesome.

Lisa Roy

Associate Vice President / Chief Technology Officer – Maine Maritime Academy