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Social Media Archiving for Compliance

Accurate and dependable archiving solutions for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and more.
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Going a Step Beyond Your Organization’s Email Communication

The social media landscape is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways employees in private business and government agencies converse with one another. Intradyn’s new Social Media Archiving solution allows you to capture and store all of these modern era conversations – no matter if it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or another popular channels.


Intradyn’s Social Media Archiving solution includes capabilities that far surpass many of today’s traditional social media platforms — all of which severely lack sophisticated archiving capabilities. Instead of having to search each social media account or platform individually, Intradyn’s solution captures data in a fully-automated fashion, never missing a Tweet, Mention or Direct Message. It can also capture both personal and corporate LinkedIn pages to comply with industry compliance regulations. Capturing this digital content ensures compliance with regulators and enables usability through the eDiscovery process.


Retention & Compliance Capabilities

Intradyn’s Social Media Archiver captures all of your social media content in evidentiary quality, retaining the content and keeping it suitable for compliance and litigation preparedness purposes.

All content is digitally signed (256-bit) and time-stamped which satisfies legal requirements for submitting digital content as evidence according to the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Even if some content is taken down or deleted, companies can rest assured knowing they have an automatic unalterable record of it.

Most social media platforms do not have the feature set to capture and preserve the content for retention and compliance purposes.

An original message can be lost forever if it is deleted, text edited or image altered in any form.

Search Capabilities

Intradyn Social Media Archiver gives you the ability to search on one social media account or across all your social media accounts from single interface. You can search on the full content of the message –including comments.

In case of eDiscovery you can search and place legal hold on the content. You can export the social media content in RAW or PDF format.

Most social media platforms lack the archiving capabilities needed to seamlessly search for digital content.

Storage & Access Controls

Get a complete record of your social media communications. Intradyn’s Social Media Archiver uses the social media platform’s APIs to gather data in near real-time, providing the most comprehensive capture of social media content in the industry.

Each social media account can have a different owners. It does not matter for Intradyn archiver who is the owner of the social medial account

Most social media platforms’ storage and access capabilities are either severely limited and/or nonexistent.

How it Works


How it Works

Our service crawls, captures and archives all messages for a social media account(s) in near real time. Any changes, edits, updates, deletions to text, images or videos are also captured and archived.

All content is digitally signed (256-bit) and time-stamped which satisfies legal requirements

Our crawler are built and is continuously updated based on the social media platform developer APIs.

social media archiving

Data Archiving

The messages, tweets, comments, etc. on social media accounts are captured completely and archived. All images and videos (including outside linked content) is downloaded and archived.

Intradyn Social Media Archiver implements strict access control mechanism for social media content. Only authorized individual are able to access and search on the social media content.

social media archiving

Simple Set Up

Setup is simple and easy to use. However, assistance is available from an Intradyn Sales Engineer if needed.

Access to archiving certain forms of data requires authorization by the social media account owner/administrator – e.g. non-public fields/messaging, and so this must be granted prior to crawling an account.

social media archiving

Seamless Operation

Intradyn Social Media Archiver seamlessly works in the background. There is no impact on the social media accounts.

You will have access to all your social media content on a purpose build solution.

Intradyn’s Social Archiving Pricing

Pricing is for US and Canada. Please contact us for an exact quote or international pricing.
Number of Accounts to Archive Price (Billed Annually)
Bundle of 3 Social Media Accounts $75/per month
Bundle of 5 Social Media Accounts $99/per month
Bundle of 10 Social Media Accounts $175/per month
Archive Unlimited Social Media Accounts $299/per month

Technical Specs

To capture the social media content a crawler is developed based on the guidelines provided in developer APIs. The crawler capture all social media content including all images, videos and meta-data. Images or videos which are hyperlinked to other sites are also captured and preserved to minimize the risk of broken link as time passes.

Fuzzy search, Boolean search, proximity search, wild card search is available in over 100 languages. All actions on the Intradyn Archiver are audited and detail log is maintained to ensure company policies and compliance requirements.

All social media content is time-stamped and digitally signed (256-bit) to ensure tamper-proofing.

All social media content is indexed, including tweet, mentions, direct messages, and other content using inverted index technology.

Role based authentication and authorization mechanism is implemented for granting access and permission for accessing the social media content on the Intradyn Archiver.

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