Enterprise Archiving Solution: Email, Social Media & SMS

Securely store data and remain compliant with key regulations using Intradyn’s powerful enterprise archiving solution.
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What is Archiving for Enterprise?

Enterprises bring in a staggering volume of data daily via email, social media communications and text and SMS messaging — and every byte of that data, if improperly managed, can violate regulatory compliance and disrupt normal business operations. Enterprise information archiving transfers inactive structured and unstructured business data into a centralized, regulatory-compliant storage system, accessible for the long term. Archiving not only helps to ensure compliance with corporate retention policies, but it also improves system performance, reduces costs and simplifies the eDiscovery process.

That’s where Intradyn comes in. From email to text messaging, our solution is highly secure and scalable and offers advanced features for:

  • EDiscovery
  • Litigation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Analytics
  • Reporting capabilities
  • And more

With over 243 billion emails archived and counting, we have the capacity to take on even the largest of enterprise-scale clients. Most importantly, with Intradyn, innovation is guaranteed: We continually look to our clients for feedback on how we can evolve our existing solutions to better suit their needs.

Data Retention

Enterprise Archiving Challenges


Regulatory Compliance

From FINRA, SEC, EEOC and GDPR to other industry-specific regulations, enterprises are expected to implement record retention policies across all channels of communication in order to remain compliant.


  • Captures all incoming and outgoing communications in real time
  • Enables administrators to develop custom retention policies
  • Creates a complete audit trail to satisfy regulatory requirements
eDiscovery Compliance

EDiscovery & Litigation

Businesses that operate at the enterprise level are prime targets for litigation. Intradyn has developed the ultimate eDiscovery tool, enabling enterprises’ legal departments to rapidly respond to requests or prepare for future litigation with its powerful search, tagging and legal hold functionalities and built-in sharing tools.

Email Archiving eDiscovery


Enterprises receive and distribute zettabytes-worth of sensitive data each year, so security is of the utmost importance. Intradyn’s all-in-one enterprise archiving solution is hosted in AWS’ secure cloud infrastructure (with unlimited storage) and offers multiple backup and disaster recovery options with AES-256 encryption on all backup data.

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An All-in-One Solution

Our all-inclusive enterprise email, social media and text and SMS messaging solution offers an advanced feature set that includes:

  • Real-time capture and archiving
  • Compatibility with the top email servers, social media platforms and phone carriers
  • Powerful, intuitive search functionality
  • The ability to access all accounts from a single user interface
  • Granular retention policies
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Multiple scalability options
  • Multiple access methods for end users + end user authentication
  • Customizable configuration options to suit your enterprise’s needs
  • And much, much more

Achieve Full Compliance in Minutes

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