Case Study: Why Paladin Realty Switched from Smarsh to Intradyn

Case Study: Why Paladin Realty Switched from Smarsh to Intradyn

After nearly two years of back and forth trying to address increasing and often inexplicable surcharges with little to no resolution, Paladin Realty executive assistant Elizabeth McDonnell knew it was time to look for a different email archiving solution.


Name of Project: Intradyn Consolidates Costs and Provides Peace of Mind to Leading Private Equity Fund Manager

Type of Project: Transition from Smarsh to Intradyn

Paladin is a leading institutional real estate fund manager with investment assets spread out across seven countries in Latin America. Because McDonnell’s responsibility is to maximize productivity so the investment team can focus on business and financial objects, efficiency is obviously a chief concern. However, she determined that the situation involving Paladin’s email archiving provider (Smarsh), including its complicated pricing structure and lack of customer support, had become an obstacle to streamlining business processes.



McDonnell began to experience issues with the vendor’s archiving solution not long after she joined Paladin Realty in 2015, starting with its pricing structure. Paladin was quoted a flat rate for a basic package for a set amount of users, plus an added per month cost for the Core Professional Platform. After carefully reviewing Paladin’s invoices, McDonnell noticed that they had been charged an additional per user fee, so she contacted the vendor to straighten things out.

Why Paladin Realty Switched from Smarsh to Intradyn Case Study This proved to be a difficult process. According to McDonnell, every time she contacted the vendor’s customer service department to address the issue, she was passed from one person to the next, until she ultimately ended up on the phone with their collections department. McDonnell was eventually able to determine the source of the issue — an error on the vendor’s part — and when she pressed the collections department to send a credit memo to compensate for the mistake, she was met with resistance.

This was just one challenge McDonnell faced while working with the vendor that motivated her to explore other options. She expressed particular disappointment with the fact that, throughout the entire ordeal, “I’ve never been told ‘I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this’ or ‘Here’s a credit’.”

Even parting with the vendor was a challenge. When Paladin gave notice per the terms of their original contract, the vendor claimed Paladin was in breach of contract. Paladin’s legal team ultimately resolved the issue, and McDonnell felt even more confident in her decision to look for a new archiving solution.



After severing ties with the vendor, Paladin’s IT team found Intradyn via web search. McDonnell set up a call with Mark LaCourse, account executive at Intradyn, during which he invited her to join an online demo of Intradyn’s Email Archiving Solution. After the demo, Mark prepared quotes for Paladin and gave McDonnell a thorough explanation of what capabilities Intradyn could provide.

McDonnell was immediately impressed by Intradyn’s clear-cut pricing structure. Unlike Smarsh, Intradyn charges clients a flat rate based on storage capacity and offers the same functionality at each pricing level, giving all businesses access to the same array of features regardless of their budget or size. Intradyn also doesn’t charge for additional users, making it ideal for growing businesses.


Although Paladin only recently made the switch to Intradyn, McDonnell is already pleased with the results.

Intradyn’s modern archiving solution, uncomplicated pricing structure and quality technical service ensure that McDonnell will never again waste valuable time and effort chasing down customer service representatives to dispute unnecessary charges.

“I told Mark that if he ever has someone on the fence, I’d be happy to talk them into coming over [to Intradyn],” said McDonnell. “I’m Team Intradyn.”


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