Email Archiving for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Comprehensive archiving services built with small businesses in mind.
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Adapting to a Digital World. 

293 billion.


According to Statista, that’s how many emails are sent each day. And when you factor in text message and social media communications, you’ve got untold amounts of data being distributed over digital channels — data that’s subject to stringent regulations. Small business email archiving, as well as other forms digital archiving, make it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to:

  • Securely store content and reproduce it on a moment’s notice
  • Create custom access and retention policies for added security
  • Rapidly respond to eDiscovery requests
  • Remain compliant with the latest industry regulations
  • Ensure their continued growth and success

Intradyn: Tailored for Small Business Email Archiving

Intradyn’s state-of-the-art, all-in-one solution is designed to provide robust archiving services at a low cost, so your small or medium-sized business can store every email, every social media communication and every text or SMS message all in a single, convenient location.

Intradyn is Ideal For: 

EDiscovery & Litigation

Make it easy for your legal team to collect, preserve and reproduce email and social media content, so that they’re ready for any incoming eDiscovery request.

Regulatory Compliance

Gain peace of mind by building custom retention policies around the latest regulations and creating a complete audit trail, so your business is always compliant.

Rapid Search

Locate important content — even content with typos or misspellings — in seconds with our fast, powerful and intuitive search functionality.

Data Security

Protect your records with AES-256 encryption, role-based permissions and user authentication, so sensitive data never ends up in the wrong hands.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensure that valuable data remains accessible, even in the event of a disaster, with warm standby, remote backup and tape backup capabilities.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Dig deeper into existing relationships, accelerate new employee onboarding, prevent risk and more with our easy-to-use analytics and reporting tools.

Email Archiver

  • Archive incoming and outgoing main in real time
  • Ensure legal compliance with legal hold automation and our easy redaction tool
  • Easily locate messages with our powerful, intuitive search functionality
  • Secure archival content with role-based permission and end-user authentication
  • Set granular and flexible custom email retention policies
  • Grow your data center with your business with multiple scalability methods
  • Gain access to valuable data even in an emergency with backup and disaster recovery

Social Media Archiver

  • Archive for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more
  • Create automatic, unalterable records of social media messages
  • Digitally sign (256-bit) and time stamp all content
  • Place legal holds on content in case of eDiscovery requests
  • Export social media content in RAW or PDF format
  • Use social media platform APIs to gather data in near real-time

SMS/Text Messaging Archiver

  • Get support for multiple carriers across multiple devices
  • Categorize and index SMS/MMS, WhatsApp and text messages and metadata
  • Produce mobile communications in native and standard non-native format
  • Archive for BYOD, CYOD and employer-issued models
  • Find messages by phone number or content
  • Export complete or partial messages in native or PDF format
  • Use one-click detail drill-down to view metadata
  • Apply legal hold tags in case of eDiscovery requests
  • Customize your solution for your enterprise configuration

Ideal for Any Industry

From education to financial services and everything in between, Intradyn’s archiving solution is well-equipped to adapt to the needs of any industry. Our team will work closely with you to understand your unique business challenges and how we can help you overcome them.

“[I’ve] been a user for the last several years and found the Intradyn Email Archiver to be an extremely stable product. [It’s an] install and forget-type of appliance. Sets up in minutes [and has an] intuitive user interface.”
Charles S.

Information Technology and Services

Small Business Email Archiving FAQs

Q: How long does it take to get up-and-running with an email archiving solution?

A: In most cases, basic email archiving workflows can be set up in less than 30 minutes. More advanced features, such as Active Directory authentication and Outlook plug-in deployment, might require additional time to set up.

Q: Which deployment option should I choose — virtual, cloud-based or physical hardware?

A: From a functionality perspective, there’s very little difference between the three deployment models. The answer really comes down to which option fits best in your IT environment: If you have very few on-premises servers or limited IT staff, then a SaaS platform is the practical option. If you have a virtual server environment, then a VMware or Hyper-V-based appliance might be best. If you haven’t virtualized or moved to cloud, a physical Dell Server-based appliance is a good choice.

Q: Is Intradyn able to archive email from Office 365?

A: Intradyn is capable of archiving email from Office 365 so long as your plan includes Exchange Server. In addition to email, Intradyn’s full-service solution can also archive one-on-one conversations from Teams, if it’s included in your O365 plan.

Q: What happens to my archive if I delete a user mailbox?

A: Intradyn maintains a separate copy of every email, so deleting a user’s mailbox will have no effect on the archive. Without an email archive, emails from a deleted mailbox would be stored as PST files, cluttering up storage space. With Intradyn, we make it easy to store emails in your archive, even after a mailbox is deleted.

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