Advanced Analytics

An Archiving Solution Offering Valuable Business Intelligence

Benefits of Implementing Intradyn’s Archiving Solution

Business Intelligence

Intradyn’s Advanced Analytics allows you to identify and harness existing relationships within your organization to ensure a successful dissemination of shared information.

Risk Assessment

Gain valuable insight into your organizations internal and external connections and communications to ensure full compliance.

Personnel Monitoring

Gain data-driven insight on your labor force using relationship analytics — allowing you to adequately assess your people and improve processes.

Intradyn’s Archiving Solution is the ultimate eDiscovery tool — no matter if you’re reacting to a recent request or preparing for litigation down the road.

Your organization’s email server is filled with valuable insight into the ongoings of your business — most particularly your employees’ activity. With Advanced Analytics, you can see inside the relationships interwoven into your organization and anaylze them to solve HR challenges and security issues, as well as idenfity future business opportunities and flag employee misconduct.

With Advanced Anayltics, Intradyn’s industry-leading email archiving solution becomes a powerful messaging intelligence tool that allows for total transparency into your organization’s internal and external communications. Using already-captured data, Advanced Analytics allows you to see your organization in a whole new light.


See a demo of Intradyn's archiving solution, including real world examples of how your company can use our solution for eDiscovery.

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