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Everything we do at Intradyn begins and ends with you — the customer.

In an industry overrun with options, Intradyn separates itself from the competition by focusing on customer, not product, first — using your valuable feedback to innovate faster and smarter. 

From the second you contact us to the moment you fire up your archiving solution — our team of attentive archiving specialists are available for questions and welcome any and all feedback. Over the years, we’ve learned it isn’t just the quality of our product that keeps our customers happy — it’s our ability to listen and work with a customer to deliver a better product into the future.

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Like many tech companies, Intradyn comes from humble beginnings. What started out as an idea thought up over a conversation in a kitchen, quickly grew into a vision to build a network-based appliance for small businesses and has since evolved into an industry-leading endeavor to provide the best archiving solutions for private/public companies as well as governmental agencies. Our business began in a small garage servicing only clients in Minnesota. Today we provide archiving solutions for organizations all over the world — China, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, you name it.

Building Better Archiving Solutions — Because of You

Intradyn has undergone a lot of positive changes since our founding in 2001. But no matter if it was a name change (our original name was DIDIT) or the acquisition of other companies, our philosophy has never wavered. At Intradyn, we don’t simply sell archiving solutions in a vacuum — we develop all our solutions by collaborating with our customers and using their feedback to build a better product. As technology changes, so do we. We’re constantly evolving and improving. Our dedication to doing things better on behalf of our customers is unique — and will never change.

Building Better Archiving Solutions
The Intradyn Team

Thanks to our team of innovators, all of whom have shown an incredible willingness to collaborate with customers to meet and exceed their needs, we can confidently say that our archiving solution is among the best in the business. Knowledgeable and attentive, everyone at Intradyn (archiving specialists, customer service, sales staff and more) has embraced our mission of putting the customer first — using your valuable feedback as a launching pad for innovation.

The Intradyn Team
Continuous Evolution and Innovation

Intradyn’s archiving solution has undergone quite the evolution over the years – in part because of the consistent feedback from our customers, but also because of how the ever-changing regulatory compliance landscape has challenged us to continually improve our product. Unlike other archiving solutions, Intradyn’s archiver is purpose-built to meets the needs and requirements of all customers — not just a select few.

We envision the regulatory landscape becoming even more challenging to navigate in the years to come and we are hypervigilant about how that impacts our customers. We used to consider ourselves an email archiving company, but because the ways in which we communicate to each other are constantly changing, we now consider ourselves an information archiving company — a unified solution provider of eDiscovery and archiving solutions for businesses of all sizes, governmental agencies and organizations of all types.

Continuous Evolution and Innovation

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