Email Backup Solution

Email Backup Solution

Email Backup Solution

    Prepare for the Unexpected
    Email is the primary mode of communication for the vast majority of organizations, and the data stored within emails is critical to business operations, regulatory compliance and more. Data loss as a result of unexpected downtime, accidental deletion or cybercrime can pose a serious threat to your organization, which is why it’s so important to invest in an email backup solution.
    Benefits of Intradyn’s Email Backup Software
    Never again worry about what will become of your email data in the event of a systems failure or cyberattack. With Intradyn’s business email backup and recovery solution, your data is safe and easy to restore. As an added bonus, our email backup tool will free up valuable storage capacity on your servers and simplify email management, allowing for greater efficiency.
    Compatible with All Major Email Servers
    Our business email backup and recovery software is compatible with any mail server that uses standard IMAP/POP and SMTP protocols, including major servers such as Exchange, Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail for Business.

    Key Email Backup Features

    There are a few reasons why Intradyn’s solution is the best email backup software in the business
    Two Forms of Backup
    Intradyn’s email backup solution offers multiple layers of protection to secure your most valuable data.
    Warm Standby
    Get a scaled-down version of a fully functional system, which you can use as a source for backed up data and, in the event of an emergency, operate as the main server.
    Remote Backup
    Perform full and incremental backups to a device located elsewhere on your network. All backup data is encrypted with AES-256 encryption, with HMAC hash to verify integrity.
    Easy, Intuitive and Powerful Search

    Find any email you need using our powerful search functionality — it even covers typos and misspellings with fuzzy logic. Locate messages based on specific attributes, including metadata, rather than hunting them down by subject line or having to figure out where they are stored.

    Wild Searches
    Our search functionality is capable of handling both single-character and multi-character wildcard searches.
    Save Searches
    Save searches you expect to perform on a regular basis — save as many as you’d like and perform them whenever you choose.
    Attachment Searches
    Find any name attachment using metadata, such as name and type, to search popular file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML, spreadsheets and more.
    Schedule Searches
    Schedule searches so that Email Archiver performs them automatically and sends you a summary email every night.
    Proximity Searches
    Find single terms that are located a specific distance apart with proximity searches.
    Multi-Unit Searches
    Capture data from multiple deployments with a single search with our multi-unit searching tool.
    Fuzzy Searches
    Using fuzzy logic, a search for a single term that might have been misspelled will result in terms with similar spelling and the same number of characters.Using fuzzy logic, a search for a single term that might have been misspelled will result in terms with similar spelling and the same number of characters.
    Search in 100+ Languages
    Our search functionality supports over 100 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.
    Flexible and Granular Retention
    Create, automate and manage custom administrative and user archive retention policies for email content and metadata so that your data is both secure and regulatorily compliant.
    Best-in-Class Security
    Our email backup software offers robust security for added peace of mind. We encrypt all data in transit and on remote backup and use a proprietary algorithm to secure data at rest. We also utilize a hardened kernel and user authentication at a single email level and regularly updated ciphers, so you can rest assured that your data is heavily protected.
    Unlimited Storage
    Our email backup software is hosted in Amazon Web Services’ secure cloud infrastructure, meaning you get access to unlimited storage and flexible scalability.

    One Powerful Archiving Software, Three Deployment Options

    Unlike comparable solutions, which only offer cloud-based deployment, Intradyn offers multiple deployment options, so you can choose which one is right for your organization.
    VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V compatible, purpose-built virtual appliance will make your entire email system run more efficiently by reducing your message store by 60 percent.
    Our cloud deployment provides the most cost-effective, reliable and scalable solution on top of Amazon Web Services. This deployment is designed to deliver an intuitive search interface for the most advanced eDiscovery capabilities.
    Physical Hardware
    All-in-one secure email archiving appliance build on Dell-based hardware. This is our first ever purpose-built email archiving appliance to help you reduce storage space and fulfill your organization’s email archiving strategies.

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