eDiscovery & Litigation Solution

Identify, Collect and Produce Emails and Social Media Data with full confidence.
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eDiscovery Compliance


Save Time and Money

Provides tools for legal and IT departments to efficiently preserve, collect and produce email and social media content. Intuitive workflow process to enable teams to identify and gather information.

Peace of Mind

Supplements human intelligence with analytics tools to find information faster than you ever thought possible during discovery phase. Scope and assess relevant content while reducing the risk of errors and data spoliation using an archiver that follows an Electronic Discovery Reference Model framework.

Comply with Rules

Emails and social media content can be produced in native and standard non-native format and in accordance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, as well as other state and industry regulations.

Intradyn’s Archiving Solution is the ultimate eDiscovery tool — no matter if you’re reacting to a recent request or preparing for litigation down the road.

Litigation is a fact of life in today’s business world.

Intradyn’s archiving software allows your organization to effectively satisfy any and all eDiscovery requests in a timely and compliant manner. Why waste time conducting a complex and time-consuming search of your email server, when an archiving solution can do it for you?

See a demo of Intradyn's archiving solution, including real world examples of how your company can use our solution for eDiscovery.

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