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An Email Archiving Solution Made for Microsoft On-Premise Exchange

Intradyn Email Archiver is a trusted third-party archiving solution designed to enhance your experience using On-Premise Exchange
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Take the Pressure Off Your Email Server Using our Purpose Built Archiving Solution

With a new and improved user interface, Intradyn’s Email Archiver is a reliable and trustworthy archiving solution designed to ensure each and every one of your emails is being saved in the exact condition it was sent and received. Our solution allows you to capture, save and index all emails, all incoming and outgoing emails, historical emails from the mail server, emails from PST and other archiving solutions.

Email Retention & Compliance Capabilities


Intradyn’s solution — Intradyn provides a very granular and flexible email retention policy structure that can be applied on an individual email level. An email retention policy can be created at the company level, department level, by individual email addresses or by the specific content of the email.

Different retention policies can even be created by departments, sub departments or at an individual user level. An email retention policy can be created for email address outside company email users as well.

An email is deleted from the system only when all retention policy checks are passed.

On Premise Exchange — Companies that rely on the archiving capablities featured as part of their On Premise Exchange put the power to archive in the hands of each of their employees — meaning it’s up to them to select which emails to keep and which to throw away.

On Premise Exchange does not provide an adminstrator the ability to create granular policies to ensure each email is being stored for safe keeping. This lack of retention capability poses obvious concerns surrounding compliance.

eDiscovery & Search

Intradyn’s solution — Intradyn’s solution provides advanced eDiscovery capabilities by searching through email attachments. You can also search through all the emails of the company or by department or at an individual level.

Intradyn allows you to find all emails quickly and accurately. Using the most advanced search technology in the industry, Intradyn’s archiver gives you the ability to perform tasks like simple searches to complicated fuzzy, wildcard, proximity and range searches for advanced users.

Once you find the emails, you can also redact personal information and export results. You can then share (and unshare) the exported results (as PDF or eml format) with team members or outside parties.

eDiscovery & Search — On Premise Exchange provides eDiscovery and search capabilities, but not until you select the user’s mailbox, meaning if you must search 100 users you will have to select 100 mailboxes. While you are still able to perform search, the capabilities are limited.

You cannot find misspelled words or proximity searches. For instance, you will have to do multiple searches to find the words “guarantee” or “guaranteed” or “guarantees.”

Sharing is not easy. Once you find the results, you will have to create one or more PST files to share them.

Legal Hold & Case Management

Intradyn’s solution — Intradyn’s solution provides a comprehensive legal hold feature and allows you to create granular legal hold capability by user, domain, keyword [and much more] to maintain compliance with court orders. Legal hold can be placed on archived or newer email with one single step.

Your investigators can save their searches and run them on a schedule or on-demand. You can also use our tagging feature on your retrieved emails to manage your case. Intradyn’s archiver also enables you to get notified when new emails are added to the system for your case.

Intradyn’s archiver also allows you to create a work flow for any kind of case management and team size. Private comments can be placed on emails which are only visible to the case management team.

On Premise Exchange — On Premise Exchange does not provide case management.

Audit Trail

Intradyn’s solution — In Intradyn’s Email Archiver every action by a user is audited. You have full knowledge of what, who and when an action took place — from searching to viewing email to any change in configuration.

You will have peace of mind in case of litigation that all data and actions are preserved.

On Premise Exchange — On Premise Exchange does not provide any audit trail features, meaning if someone deleted an email or the whole mailbox — you wouldn’t know. You cannot prove the “what, who or when” about an email or actions by users.

How It Works


How it Works

Intradyn’s solution accepts journaled email directly from Microsoft Exchange—meaning each element of your email (i.e. header, body and attachments) is digitally signed, archived, and de-duplicated to ensure content integrity. The search engine uses an inverted index technology to quickly and accurately access any or all emails. Native integration with Active Directory is used for authentication and authorization.

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Email Supervision

Achieve compliance using supervisory procedures with timeliness, frequency and quantity parameters.

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Simple Set Up

Setup is simple and easy, however assistance is available from an Intradyn Sales Engineer if needed.

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Seamless Operation

User-friendly searching capabilities through an intuitive interface.

Intradyn's Email Archiving Pricing 

Pricing is based on a user receiving 30 emails per day, at 70kb per email. Pricing is for U.S. and Canada. Please contact us for an exact quote or international pricing.
Storage Hardware (Billed Annually) Virtual (Billed Annually)
Appliance Cost Annual Support Appliance Cost Annual Support
500MB Up to 100 users $4,500 $1,000 $4,000 $1,000
1TB Up to 200 users $7,500 $1,500 $6,500 $1,650
2TB Up to 400 users $10,000 $2,000 $8,500 $2,125
4TB Up to 800 users $15,000 $3,000 $12,500 $3,125
8TB Up to 1,600 users $25,000 $5,000 $20,500 $5,125
8TB+ 1,600+ users Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Users Cloud per user, per month
1 - 1,000 $4.00
1,001 - 2,500 $3.50
2,500 + $3.00

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