How to Protect Your Company: Email Policies and Regulations

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We’re in the email archiving and discovery industry for a reason — we understand how imperative it is for every business to be protected. Businesses have faced serious repercussions in court, whether it was due to improper archiving, a deliberate destruction of evidence or other factors. Below are a few examples:

  • Volkswagen CIO Abdallah Shanti was sued over his role in preserving evidence and accused of knowingly destroying evidence related to their diesel emissions scandal.
  • 7-Eleven was forced to reimburse its franchisees for legal costs incurred in the pursuit of desired records that 7-Eleven could not produce.
  • In Cat3, LLC v. Black Lineage, Inc., the plaintiffs were ordered to bear the costs of the defendants’ analysis and motion after it became known that they knowingly altered emails.

We don’t want this to happen to you. Get access to our on-demand webinar, where we review some of the most popular questions we receive on archiving — its policies, regulations, the reasons why companies need to archive and more.

Webinar - How to Protect Your Company: Email Archiving Policies and Regulations Webinar

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