Advanced Reporting

Data-Driven Decision Making - Discover hidden insights in your email data with pre-built reports


Faster Onboarding

Accelerate onboarding of new employees by bringing them up to speed on key sales and account-related relationships using specialized tracking tools.

Improve Transitions

Improve Transitions — Understand relationships around existing employees and improve the transition of information to new hires.

Enhance Employee Ecosystem

Look inside and outside your organization to see who is talking to who to see how your network is growing and/or evolving.

social media archiving
Assess Communication

Identify recent activity, or lack thereof, around relationships in order to improve communication across your organization.

Intradyn’s archiving solution

features advanced reporting capabilities that give you a 360-degree view of internal and external relationships across your organization. Improve processes, enhance communication and do more with your data.

See a demo of Intradyn's archiving solution, including real world examples of how your company can use our solution for eDiscovery.

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