Email Archiving Product

You will find the same features across all three platforms


Email Archiving Appliance

The RazorSafe email archiving and retrieval appliance is a completely integrated hardware/software solution.

Orca Virtual

Virtual Email Archiving

The Orca virtual email archiving and retrieval appliance is a completely optimized solution for VMware and MS HyperV infrastructure .

Orca Cloud

Cloud Email Archiving

The Orca Cloud email archiving and retrieval service is a completely integrated solution in the secure cloud environment.

Why use Intradyn Email Archiving

Intradyn helps companies, organizations, and governments implement the no-worries email archiving solutions that best suits their internal, regulatory, and compliance necessities.


Install the solution in minutes


Keeps you Compliant for years


Easy and efficient email recovery process


Reduces storage space on your email server

Email Archiving Solution Product Features

Compliance and Regulatory


100% Message Integrity

Monitoring and Reviewing


Granular Retention Policies

Electronic Discovery

Patent Pending Business Intelligence

Advanced Search Capabilities

Case Management

Legal Hold

Mail Management

Email Management

Active, Multi-level Deduplication

Backup and Restore

Mail Server Load Management

Client-side Tools

Outlook Client Integration


Native PST Management

Calendar and Task archiving


Historical Emails

Flexible Deployment

Intradyn Email Archiving solutions install in minutes and keep you compliant for years.  Suddenly, your email recovery process is easy and efficient.


Email Archiving Appliance

VMWare V-Sphere and Microsoft Hyper-V compatible purpose built virtual appliance which will make your entire email system run more efficiently by reducing your message store by 60%.


Email Archiving Service

The Cloud deployment provides the most cost-effective, reliable and scalable solution on the secure Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Designed to deliver intuitive search interface for the most advanced eDiscovery capabilities.


Email Archiving Appliance

All-in-One secure Email Archiving Appliance on Dell based hardware.  First ever purpose built email archiving appliance to help you reduce storage space and  fulfill your organization’s email archiving strategies.

Compare Email Archiving Product Offering

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Turbo Charge your Investigation

Messaging Intelligence gives you access to Social Analytics from communication across your organization known as the enterprise social graph

Investigation triage without needing access to your system-of-record

Real-time access to rich social data for interactive investigation

Visual insight to extend the investigation as needed


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