Virtual Email Archiving Appliance benefits from using Microsoft HyperV

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  • Virtual Email Archiving Appliance benefits from using Microsoft HyperV

    Hyper V

    Microsoft Hyper V was first introduced in 2008. Host servers with Hyper V allow guest computers to use the server’s capabilities as if the guest computers had them, thus creating a virtual computing environment.

    Virtual computing environments have many advantages over other computing systems. One such advantage is the ease of increasing capability as the company grows; another is the flexibility of the system, allowing for change as the company’s needs change. Virtual environments are also excellent at incorporating older hardware into the system without compromising performance.

    Email archiving benefits

    Using a virtual computing environment provides many benefits for email archiving. It is much easier to prevent data loss and enforce compliance with company rules about email archiving in a virtual environment because all of the email is centrally located and managed. As mentioned above, it is also very easy to increase email archiving capacity as needed in a virtual environment.

    In a virtual environment, all of the company’s data and archived emails physically reside in a central location. None of the data are actually located on the terminals in use by various employees. Therefore, efforts to prevent data loss need only be targeted at the central server. It is easy to create regular back-ups of the centrally stored data. Recovery from disasters is eased by use of a virtual system. The entire system can quickly be re-built from the back-up.

    Preparation for disasters is also eased by use of a virtual system. For example, the central server can be housed in an area with special computer-compatible fire suppression systems, and because none of the data actually resides on the various terminals, they can be housed in areas with cheaper fire suppression systems that are not computer-compatible (aka sprinklers) without having to worry about this layout resulting in data loss.

    Virtual email archiving systems also automatically result in cost savings simply due to built-in features of any virtual system- simplified infrastructure, reduced power consumption, less need for hardware, and less space needed to house the computing and archiving systems.

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