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National Right to Work Committee: Email Archiving Proves Political Activity

In this digital and technology driven age, it can be so easy to transmit information and carry on conversations conveniently. Email archiving can be a great way to preserve correspondence and important information for future reference. Lately, email archiving and current affairs have been making the news in a variety of ways.

One of the most recent instances of email bringing new information to light is NRTWC’s emails proving political activity. This is a direct contradiction to committee claims to the IRS regarding political involvement in 2010. However, these documents prove that there is more to the story.

What Is NRTWC? What Is The Issue?

NRTWC is the National Right to Work Committee, a social organization which is opposed to Labor Unions. While it is permitted to lobby and even be politically active, it is not allowed to have its main focus be on politics. Any activity must be reported to the IRS on the 990 Tax forms. In 2010 the committee did not report any political spending.

Also, a sister group called Mid-America Right to Work which is in Iowa and Indiana reported no political activity.

What Has Been Discovered?

Emails and audio documents have come to light proving that there was a large mailing for state candidates. In particular, Dennis Fusaro has released a great deal of evidence (including emails) supporting these claims. This was following a letter he sent in November to the organization’s board of directors which accused the organization of breaking the state laws in regards to political activities.

The above mentioned article shows examples and discusses in detail the contents of the emails which proved the organizations involvement in political activities which were not reported to the IRS.


A former IRS worker agrees that the documentation does prove clear political involvement which should have been reported. However, it remains to be seen how this matter will be dealt with in the end.


Email archiving is vitally important to companies and organizations on a variety of levels.

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