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Email Archiving and Messaging Intelligence: Using Relationship Analytics to Help in Investigations

Email archiving and messaging intelligence might sound like an unfamiliar combination right now, but it’s poised to change email archiving forever here at Intradyn. While the basic fundamentals of email archiving will always exist, adding a concept called Relationship Analytics will enable your company to better organize the people you communicate with regularly. This is going to be important as you communicate with business associates, as well as organizing emails to prepare for future investigations.

How Messaging Intelligence Will Help in Investigations

With so much in the news about investigations of companies for supposed corruptions, many of them may be panicking now if they didn’t archive their emails. By employing message intelligence, getting organized for times when you’re subpoenaed to turn over emails will make things so much easier in proving your case.

This works by employing Relationship Analytics to all your communications so it can be whittled down to exactly who you emailed, when you sent it, and how many were sent. No longer will there be any vagueness or the inability to find specific emails that need to be looked at from a certain time period.

Ultimately, messaging intelligence becomes like artificial intelligence and analyzes specific relationships in your emails. This can help weed out suspicious people who you need to show were behind specific communications. This technology helps to set aside  questionable messages which can be investigated and not get lost. Sometimes all it takes is one critical email getting lost to throw an investigation into chaos.

Reducing Investigative Cost and Using Big Data

By using this patent pending technology, legal costs during investigations will be much less costly. Imagine what it was like just a decade ago before this technology was available and how much time it took to locate important emails. Some of those messages may have turned up missing due to lack of proper email archiving that resulted in lengthier litigation.

Messaging intelligence will cut costs considerably, especially if you have to hire a task force to search for emails. Thanks to the use of big data, you’ll also have a search feature that calls up exactly what you need. However, it also takes security into mind and uses metadata for archiving rather than storing the entire message. This can help in the element of privacy if you worry about details in each message getting hacked.

Other Areas of Investigation

Even if you’re not being investigated by the government, messaging intelligence is still going to be needed for dealing with compliance. Investigating emails also applies to human resource investigations, regulatory audits, plus reports to employees.

As we get closer to employing business intelligence into everything we do, we encourage you to try a risk free 30-day trial¬†so you can learn more about using our services. We can already help you archive your emails for any purpose, and you’ll be in the right place at the right time to use messaging intelligence once we have it fully implemented.

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