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    “We looked at a number of different options and Intradyn™ made the most sense to us. Between the features and the support we received, Intradyn™ was our clear choice.”

    – Gamelin


    Minnesota School Districts did not have an archiving solution in place for its patrons; school administrators, educators, or students. TIES desired to offer archiving throughout the districts; but, they needed one that would also support individual districts independent network.

    As Consulting Manager for TIES, Mark Gamelin, explains, “We are an ISP, as well as a reseller, for a lot of school districts; they rely on us for the best IT services to solve their needs. Schools may have anything from Novell Netware with e-Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, or even Apple OSX; an open standards and support for heterogeneous environments are crucial to us.”



    After evaluating software and appliance-based archiving solutions products for expanded search and independent capabilities; Gamelin, determined that Intradyn™ Email Archiving Solution offered the best solutions due to the additional features and product support offered.

    After evaluating the plethora of options on the market, TIES decided the Email Archiving Solution RS700-B4 provided the best solution.

    The Email Archiving Solution RS700-B4 has been able to meet the needs of the districts’ independent networks; whether utilizing SMTP for GroupWise, LDAP, or Active Directory. Intradyn™archiving solution has met all of Minnesota’s TIES needs for differing technologies.



    Total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important factor for purchasers to consider; TIES and their clients have found Intradyn™ Email Archiving Solution RS700-B4 has worked well with attention to costs. Gamelin states, “I think the fact that we could purchase an appliance and share it amongst multiple clients has helped with our costs…we offer it as a subscription service, with annual contracts based per mailbox, it’s [the cost savings] has gotten even better now that we’re backing-up to tape.”

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