Email Archiving 2.0: What Can You Do Next?

Understanding How to Glean Insight From the Content Your Organization Creates.

An ebook just for you

In today’s ever-changing world of statutory requirements and regulatory compliance, it’s no longer enough just to archive all of your emails, files and other electronic content. That’s called Archiving 1.0. While useful, simply having the ability to archive email is only half the battle. In this 9-page eBook you’ll learn about the importance of being able to extract information locked away in your data archives and how to use it to understand your organization’s operations in ways that would otherwise be impractical or impossible using conventional tools.

This is called Archiving 2.0.

In this eBook you will learn:

  1. The “traditional” role of archiving and how it is used today.
  2. How archiving solutions and archived data can be used to provide competitive and strategic advantages among others.
  3. What information is contained within your organization’s emails.
  4. How archiving can assist your organization with litigation activities, primarily legal holds and eDiscovery.
  5. What IT-related benefits come along with archiving.
  6. How an archiving solution permits an organization to satisfy its regulatory obligations to retain, search for and produce data in a way that can prevent it from being modified after the fact.

Archiving 2.0: What Can You Do Next?

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