Benefits of Email Archiving: Litigation and Legal Discovery

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  • Benefits of Email Archiving: Litigation and Legal Discovery

    In today’s world, every organization of any size is likely to face a lawsuit sooner or later. Litigation and Legal Discovery, the pre-trial phase of a lawsuit, can quickly become a reality for your IT and legal departments.

    When that happens, a dedicated third party Email Archiver is a powerful tool. An email archiving appliance should be the central repository of all the emails for every organization. This includes all the internal email as well as external email communication.  Without an email archiving system, the historical emails have to be restored from back-ups and then the relevant emails have to be found using a manual search process.  This process is not only cost prohibitive but also extremely time consuming.

    Studies have shown that using backups to perform legal discovery can cost  hundreds of dollars per retrieved email.  This does not include any fees imposed by the court for non-compliance.  Additionally, there is a good chance that critical emails will not be found because they were deleted before the email server was backed-up. Even worse, backed up emails are not valid for eDiscovery purposes because, unlike archived emails, they can be modified.


    Intradyn’s email archiving solutions were designed in collaboration with our customers, IT professionals like you. The eDiscovery and litigation features are designed for usability, accurate discovery, flexible workflow and automation, with constant input and feedback from actual customers facing real world archiving demands.

    While it’s nice that an email archiving solution contains certain features, it’s even more important that those features are easy to use and actually assist the user in quickly and efficently accomplishing whatever task they need to accomplish. The Intradyn user interface has been developed and tweaked by listening to customer feedback over the past 10 years. This process continues today.

    Accurate discovery

    Storing the email is easy.  The real challenge is finding all the emails quickly and accurately when needed.  Intradyn solutions utilize  the most advanced search technology, giving the users very powerful, yet easy to use search capabilities.  The entire email is indexed including header, body and attachments.  Within a matter of seconds, the legal counsel can search through millions of emails and find a single email, or hundreds of emails, depending on what they need.

    Flexible workflow

    The legal team needs these powerful search capabilities to be intuitive, quick to use and appropriate for the specific actions they have to take with the emails. Intradyn’s email archiving appliance provides the tools and flexible workflow required to do just that. Legal hold and tagging, for example, allow for the creation of customized workflows. Other available features, like result export, email forwarding, print to PDF, email commenting and others, make Intradyn’s email archiving solutions a complete legal discovery tool for email.


    It’s beneficial to have a flexible workflow, but this can be very time consuming.  The legal team needs to have tools which can do the work automatically and report the results.  Intradyn’s email archiving solution provides this automation.  By using the save and schedule search feature, the legal team can automate the task of putting a legal hold on the emails.  The team is notified when new emails need their attention.  This simplicity of process has been achieved by really listening and acting on the feedback from existing customers.

    Intradyn’s RazorSafe and ORCA email archiving appliances have the tools and features to give a helping hand to your IT and legal departments.  For more information on how Intradyn’s email archiving solutions can help your organization manage its email and assist your legal team, contact

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    Azam is the president, chief technology officer and co-founder of Intradyn. He oversees global sales and marketing, new business development and is responsible for leading all aspects of the company’s product vision and technology department.

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