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Email Archiving Resources

When you’re first learning about the benefits and ins-and-outs of email archiving, it’s best to gather your research from a trusted source.

Email Archiving Appliance

This is a complete resource to understand and make an informed decision when researching an email archiving appliance.

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Email Archiving Appliance

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Technical and Business Resources

Microsoft Exchange Archiving Report

Exchange Server 2010 and 2013 archives emails natively but you need a purpose built solution which satisfies the regulatory, legal and policy requirements of business. If you have older Exchange Server you have no choice but to go with a third party email archiving solution.

Archiving 2.0 - What Can You Do Next?

Email archiving is about more than just retrieving your organization’s information. Archiving 2.0 is about understanding the information in those emails.

The Law & Electronic Data

With more than 5,000 existent regulations pertaining to email storage and the ubiquity of email as a communication tool, it stands to reason that email is a huge factor in subpoenas and lawsuits filed due to information in employee emails.

Case Studies

Profiles of success. Experience our product from the customers.