8 Popular Outlook Alternatives to Check out Today

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  • 8 Popular Outlook Alternatives to Check out Today

    With a reported 1.2 billion users, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is one of most popular email servers on the planet, making Outlook one of the most popular email clients. Thanks to its robust feature set, enterprise-grade security and Office integrations that allow for additional extensibility, Microsoft Outlook has long been the email client of choice for many businesses.

    Despite its popularity, Outlook’s cost can be prohibitive, and its feature set more expansive than what some organizations might require. If you’re in the market for an email client and want to see what Outlook alternatives are out there, you’ve come to the right place — let’s get started.

    Microsoft Outlook Limitations

    For all the good Outlook can do, it also comes with some serious limitations, starting with pricing. There are two ways to purchase Outlook: as a standalone license or as part of Microsoft 365. The former will cost you $139.99 per license; each license is only good for one PC or Mac, making this option an unwise investment for enterprise-level organizations and unattainable for small businesses.

    Pricing for the latter starts at $5 per user, per month for Microsoft 365 Business Basic and runs all the way to $20 per user, per month for Microsoft 365 Business Premium; all versions with an annual commitment. Although Business Basic may be more affordable for freelancers and small businesses than higher tiers, you still end up paying more for features that you might not want or need.

    Speaking of Outlook’s extensive feature set, it can be tedious, time-consuming and even difficult to get your employees up to speed on how to use different components within the Outlook interface. And although Outlook’s long list of capabilities may be a selling point for businesses that actually need them, for those that don’t, it can seem like a lot of dead weight.

    Finally, Outlook isn’t exactly known for its reliability. Despite being the email client of choice for many businesses, Outlook is prone to being sluggish, to unexpectedly crashing, to encountering send/receive errors and more.

    Email & Archiving: A Match Made in Heaven

    We hope you find this list of Outlook alternatives helpful and that it steers you in the right direction in your search for the perfect email client. While you’re here, we’d like to take the opportunity to talk to you a little bit more about email archiving.

    Although Outlook and many of its alternatives offer some sort of native archiving capability, they’re typically ill-equipped to accommodate the demands of a growing business. Here at Intradyn, we specialize in developing archiving solutions designed to meet all of your archiving needs, whether you run a small business or an enterprise-level organization. Our innovative features, legal and eDiscovery toolset, robust security and ability to integrate with most the top email servers on the market today make Intradyn the leading email archiver of choice for businesses everywhere.

    We’re so confident in our solution that we encourage you to put Intradyn to the test with the questions you find in this free archiving solution evaluation eBook. Or, if you’d prefer to talk to someone directly, contact us today to find out what Intradyn can do for you.

    Azam is the president, chief technology officer and co-founder of Intradyn. He oversees global sales and marketing, new business development and is responsible for leading all aspects of the company’s product vision and technology department.

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