8 Mimecast Alternatives to Securely Store Your Emails

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  • 8 Mimecast Alternatives to Securely Store Your Emails

    Perhaps known best for its email security solutions, Mimecast has also made a name for itself in the world of email archiving with its Cloud Archive product. Cloud Archive provides a single, unified administrative console for email retention management and stores email in an AES-encrypted archive with triplicate copies of each message. Cloud Archive has built-in eDiscovery and compliance, backup and recovery, storage management and mobility capabilities that make it popular with businesses of all sizes.

    Although Mimecast earns high marks for its robust spam filtering functionality and easy-to-use interface, it’s also received criticism for its expensive pricing structure, difficulty to implement and administrative complexity.

    Whether you currently use Mimecast and are looking to make a switch or simply want to compare email archiving options, check out this list of popular Mimecast alternatives to see which one might be the right fit for your business.

    SolarWinds MSP

    SolarWinds Mail Assure is an email archiving solution designed to “make business email safe, available and resilient — even during an outage.” Mail Assure offers cybersecurity capabilities such as secure off-site storage, automated email compression and geographic clustering to create an email archiving system that is virtually tamper-proof.

    Mail Assure has been praised for its robust spam filtering functionality and email continuity, but loses points for its poor user interface and for being difficult to configure. Prices for SolarWinds Mail Assure are available upon request, however, prospective users can request a free trial in the meantime.


    Pros Cons Cost
    • Robust spam filtering
    • Customizable dashboard
    • Excellent customer support
    • Can be slow
    • Dashboard is difficult to navigate
    • Lacks the ability for multiple admins to access all domains
    Pricing available upon request



    ArcMail specializes in providing email archiving capabilities for corporate and government entities and provides three deployment options: an archiving appliance (ArcMail Defender), a Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid Gateway and Virtual (VM) Archiving Software. Each option enables organizations to easily index, archive and access emails, though certain deployment options are better suited for specific workloads. For example, according to the ArcMail website, its Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid Gateway is ideal for highly regulated industries such as health care, financial services and government due to its scalability.

    Although user reviews for ArcMail’s email archiving solutions are thin on the ground, it has been commended for its simplicity, especially in regard to its easy-to-use interface. Those interested in putting ArcMail to the test can schedule a live demo customized to their particular use case.


    Pros Cons Cost
    • Easy-to-use UI
    • Integrated Outlook plug-in
    • Multiple configuration options
    • Poor customer support
    • Slow search functionality
    • Hardware issues
    Pricing available upon request



    Intradyn’s archiving solution is a one-stop shop for all of your email, social media, instant messaging and text messaging needs. Intradyn’s Email Archiver securely stores all electronic communications so that businesses can provide sufficient documentation in the event of future litigation, eDiscovery requests and Right to Know inquiries. The Email Archiver feature set includes granular email retention, built-in legal and eDiscovery tools and backup and disaster recovery. Intradyn’s Social Media Archiver also offers advanced archiving capabilities including a crawler that captures and archives all messages from social media accounts in near real time. Both Email Archiver and Social Media Archiver are available in three deployment options: virtual, cloud-based and on-premise.

    Intradyn has earned praise from users for its excellent customer service, intuitive search and scalability. Email Archiver’s pricing structure includes five different packages starting at $4 per user/per month (for up to 1,000) users. There are four available pricing options for the Social Media Archiver, starting with a bundle of three social media accounts at $75/per month.


    Pros Cons Cost
    • IMAP/POP3 support
    • Excellent customer support
    • Robust search functionality
    • Certain workloads take a lot of computing resources
    • No built-in threat protection
    • More affordable options available
    Pricing starts at $4 per user/month for up to 1,000 users



    ArcTitan, TitanHQ’s cloud-based email archiving software, is designed to scale its storage capacity as your business’ email grows. ArcTitan offers advanced capability such as custom permissions so users can easily retrieve lost, misfiled or deleted emails; and tamper-evident audit tools to ensure that your email data is 100% GDPR-compliant.

    According to users, ArcTitan is easy to implement and offers excellent customer support, though some have claimed that its search functionality is lacking and that its user interface is dated. Contracts for ArcTitan range from 1­–3 years, starting at $3.76 per user/month for a basic plan.


    Pros Cons Cost
    • Easy to implement
    • Excellent customer support
    • Perpetual cloud storage
    • Simplistic search functionality
    • Outdated UI
    • Expensive for small businesses
    Contracts range from 1–3 years, starting at $3.76 per user/month for a basic plan


    Jatheon Technologies

    Jatheon offers two archiving solutions —Jatheon Archiving Suite and Jatheon Cloud — for on-premise and cloud-based archiving, respectively. Jatheon Archiving Suite boasts hardware features such as corruption-proof root file system, enterprise-grade redundant power supply and end-to-end data full checksum protection, and software features such as multi-mailbox search, configurable roles and user permissions and LDAP integration. Jatheon Cloud offers advanced features such as PST and EML ingestion, 24/7 remote monitoring and full encryption.

    Jatheon’s archiving solutions receive high marks for their proactive monitoring and customer support, though users have said that its interface leaves much to be desired. Jatheon Cloud starts at $30 per user/year for small-to-mid-sized businesses; pricing for Jatheon Archiving Suite is available upon request.


    Pros Cons Cost
    • Proactive monitoring
    • Excellent customer support
    • Able to set it and forget it
    • Outdated UI
    • Confusing search logic
    • Slow search functionality
    Pricing starts at $30 per user/year for small-to-mid-sized businesses


    Pricing for Jatheon Archiving Suite available upon request



    Barracuda’s Message Archiver enables businesses to create exact duplicates of every message sent from or received by their email servers and securely store these copies in the cloud. Barracuda seamlessly integrates with a number of different standards-based email servers and cloud-based services, including Exchange, Office 365 and Gmail. Barracuda earns points for its robust compliance toolset and ease of installation, though some users have complained that they found the solution to be slow and clunky to use.

    Prices for Barracuda’s four models start at $4,000 and run upwards of $400,000, depending on configuration settings — however, prospective users can try Message Archiver at no cost by requesting a free trial.


    Pros Cons Cost
    • Easy to implement
    • Robust search functionality
    • Saves storage space
    • SATA-based
    • Outdated UI
    • Not suited for enterprises
    Pricing plans run from $4,000 to upwards of $400,000



    MailStore Home is a free, open source email archiving software designed for home users. Produced by MailStore — the self-proclaimed “standard in email archiving” — MailStore Home boasts capabilities such as one-click restoration, mobile archiving and a full-text search feature. MailStore’s ability to store data without the need for an external database management system, combined with its ease of use and affordability, have made it a popular option for users in the market for a low-cost solution. That affordability, however, comes with some tradeoffs: MailStore Home lacks any form of in-app support, and some users have reported that the system can be slow.

    For those interested in accessing more advanced features and capabilities, MailStore offers two paid versions: MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition. Prices for MailStore Server start at $38 per user/per year for up to 5-9 users, with one year of Standard Update & Support Service included.


    Pros Cons Cost
    • Affordable
    • Easy to use
    • Supports IMAP/POP3
    • MailStore Home requires manual backup
    • Lacks in-app support
    • Limited storage
    MailStore Home is free; prices for MailStore Server start at $38 per user/year for up to nine users for Standard Support



    Veritas Enterprise Vault is an email archiving solution that enables users to automate data retention, implement custom policy-based framework for retention management and review electronic communications to improve compliance. Enterprise also offers seamless cloud migration, advanced search capabilities and integration with other Veritas solutions.

    Users consistently commend Enterprise Vault for its customization options, the ability to import PST files and single instance storage — however, the solution has also been criticized for its high cost, administrative complexity and lack of scalability. Pricing for Veritas Enterprise Vault starts a $7.52 per user/per month for email archiving, and $9.19 per user/per month for archiving additional content types.


    Pros Cons Cost
    • Able to set it and forget it
    • Robust search functionality
    • Custom retention policies
    • Slow when importing PSTs
    • System lacks scale-out documentation and planning
    • Administrative complexity
    $7.52 per user/month for email-only archiving


    $9.19 per user/month to archive other content types


    Although Mimecast has earned its status as a popular email archiving system, there are plenty of solutions on the market that can more than give it a run for its money — including Intradyn. With years of experience and many happy customers (check out our case studies!), we have the expertise necessary to satisfy all of your electronic communication archiving needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

    Avatar photo

    As the chief operating officer and co-founder of Intradyn, Adnan brings 20+ years of experience in the email retention and archiving space to shape Intradyn’s archiving solutions. As COO, Adnan oversees the company’s financial and human resources operations and takes the lead in managing the original equipment manufacturer relationship. Adnan provides wide-ranging oversight of Intradyn’s day-to-day operations to drive greater operational efficiency and grow the company’s global capabilities.

    Along with his business partner, Adnan successfully spun out Intradyn’s archiving business from Mirapoint Software Inc., where he held the position of vice president. Mirapoint Software was primarily focused on archiving solutions for program offices, customer support, corporate infrastructure and the supply chain. Prior to that, Adnan managed complex Internet Channel group projects at eFunds Corporation (now Fidelity National Information Services).

    Adnan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Minnesota State University and a Master of Business Administration in IT and Finance from the University of St. Thomas.

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