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  • 7 Google Vault Alternatives to Consider

    Ever since its launch in 2012, Google Vault — Google’s archiving and eDiscovery solution — has been a valued service for users across multiple industries. While it consistently receives above average ratings, certain limitations in the scope of its capabilities mean that it won’t be the right fit for some organizations.

    For example, many businesses rely on Google Vault for its archiving, hold and search functions, however, it is not intended as a backup solution and once accounts are deleted from the system, the associated data cannot be recovered. Other complaints cite unreliable export functionality, limited eDiscovery, lack of on-site archiving and inability to archive anything other than Google Workspace-based communications (i.e. Gmail, Google Groups, Google Chat, etc.) as drawbacks.

    If you’re looking to make the switch or researching possibilities for your organization’s first archiving solution, these seven Google Vault alternatives are a good place to start.

    Veritas Enterprise Vault

    For Veritas, compliance is a main point of differentiation. Veritas Surveillance is a new tool that enables users to more effectively monitor compliance by capturing and surfacing only relevant content. In addition to making it easy for businesses to remain compliant with major regulatory bodies, Enterprise Vault includes features such as automated data retention, the ability to create custom policy-based frameworks and seamless cloud migration.

    Pros Cons Pricing
    • Automated processes, can “set it and forget it”
    • Robust search capabilities
    • Users can create custom retention policies
    • Slow to import PSTs
    • Outdated UI
    • Complex administrative processes
    Pricing available on request


    Barracuda’s Message Archiver offers cloud-based storage for every message that passes through your mail servers. When anyone inside your company sends or receives an email, the system creates an unaltered copy and stores it in the Barracuda Cloud. Ease of use and security are two of the company’s top priorities and it’s possible to access all archived communications from their tamper-proof repository on any device at any time.

    Pros Cons Pricing
    • Easy implementation
    • Conserves storage space
    • Reliable
    • Excellent search capabilities
    • SATA-based
    • Could be more user friendly
    • Can be slow
    Pricing available on request

    N-able Mail Assure

    Formerly SolarWindsMSP, N-able Mail Assure offers users a hybrid of email retention and cybersecurity features to provide email experiences an “extra layer of protection.” On the archiving side, benefits include customizable retention settings, compatibility with all major email providers and the ability to easily query both incoming and outgoing messages. Security features such as advanced email protection and message monitoring are added bonuses.

    Pros Cons Pricing
    • Robust spam filtering, including blocked phishing attacks
    • Easy integration with Office 365
    • Customizable dashboard
    • UI isn’t intuitive
    • Can be slow at times
    • Customer support can be unresponsive
    Pricing available on request

    Proofpoint Archive

    This archiving solution from Proofpoint pledges to “deliver modern, secure, high-performance cloud archiving.” It backs up this promise by leveraging unified search capabilities, supporting a wide range of data types (including email, social media and collaboration platform communications), protecting user data with DoubleBlind Key Architecture encryption and offering advanced features to make eDiscovery more efficient.

    Pros Cons Pricing
    • FINRA-compliant
    • DoubleBlind Key Architecture encryption
    • SEC 17a-4 compliant capture
    • Easy to use
    • Features are a little too basic
    • Limited eDiscovery toolkit
    • Monitoring and threat detection could be improved
    Pricing available on request


    Intradyn’s comprehensive all-in-one archiving solution is made up of three separate services — Email Archiving, Social Media Archiving and Text Message Archiving — all rolled into one package. With this bundled solution, organizations enjoy the convenience of a centralized archiving platform that supports all of their communications, from emails to SMS texts to instant messages. Notable features include granular email retention, customizable retention policies, backup and disaster recovery capabilities and native legal and eDiscovery toolset.

    Pros Cons Pricing
    • IMAP/POP3 support
    • Robust search capabilities
    • Supports multiple communications types
    • No built-in threat protection
    • Unintuitive UI
    • Some workloads use a lot of computing resources 
    Pricing available on request

    Jatheon Technologies

    When it comes to archiving, Jatheon offers two solutions for storing email, social media, instant message and text data — Jatheon Archiving Suite, an on-premise option and Jatheon Cloud, a cloud-based retention solution. Companies that can support additional hardware infrastructure or who prefer a greater level of control over their systems and processes typically opt for Jatheon Archiving Suite, while those who prefer unlimited storage or don’t have the IT resources to support the additional hardware setup choose Jatheon Cloud.

    Both solutions feature robust search functions and seamless migration and are compliant with FINRA, SEC 17a-4, HIPAA, SOX and other regulatory standards.

    Pros Cons Pricing
    • Proactive monitoring
    • Top-notch customer support
    • Able to “set it and forget it”
    • Outdated UI
    • Could be more user friendly 
    • Slow search functionality
    Pricing available on request


    TitanHQ’s cloud-based email archiving platform, ArcTitan, provides easy-to-use retention solutions that can be automated and that seamlessly integrate with Office 365. Its expansive list of features includes remote access to archived emails, 100% protection against data loss, GDPR compliance, lightning-fast search and retrieval and simple administration.

    Pros Cons Pricing
    • Easy implementation
    • Excellent customer support
    • Unlimited cloud storage
    • Simplistic search functionality
    • Outdated UI
    • No on-premise option
    Pricing available on request

    Selecting your organization’s next archiving solution is a big decision, so it’s important to carefully consider all your options — including Intradyn. If you need help narrowing down your options or aren’t sure which Google Vault alternative to choose, our free eBook, How to Choose the Best Email Archiving Solution, is a great place to start. Download your copy today.

    Avatar photo

    As the chief operating officer and co-founder of Intradyn, Adnan brings 20+ years of experience in the email retention and archiving space to shape Intradyn’s archiving solutions. As COO, Adnan oversees the company’s financial and human resources operations and takes the lead in managing the original equipment manufacturer relationship. Adnan provides wide-ranging oversight of Intradyn’s day-to-day operations to drive greater operational efficiency and grow the company’s global capabilities.

    Along with his business partner, Adnan successfully spun out Intradyn’s archiving business from Mirapoint Software Inc., where he held the position of vice president. Mirapoint Software was primarily focused on archiving solutions for program offices, customer support, corporate infrastructure and the supply chain. Prior to that, Adnan managed complex Internet Channel group projects at eFunds Corporation (now Fidelity National Information Services).

    Adnan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Minnesota State University and a Master of Business Administration in IT and Finance from the University of St. Thomas.

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