Email versus Social Media: Why Social Media May Be Popular, But Email is The Far Better Choice

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  • Email versus Social Media: Why Social Media May Be Popular, But Email is The Far Better Choice

    While there are plenty of stories talking about email breaches and data loss, one thing not being covered is the unspoken competition between “Email versus Social Media” sites.

    As Twitter and Facebook grow ever more popular and email gets bad press, marketers are growing less certain as to which makes for the better marketing campaign.

    Here are 5 reasons why email will always reign king.

    More people use email than social media

    While Facebook is a giant amongst the major social networking sites, surpassing 1.3 billion users, email still out laps them 3 times over. This proves the majority of people still use their emails.

    To be successful in business, you need to talk to the people where the people are, and while they’re certainly on social networks, the majority is still engaged in their email inboxes.  Apply all the rules of great copywriting and you’ll certainly get converting leads from your email marketing campaigns.

    Email is more personal.

    Email marketing allows your marketing team to send off thousands of more personal messages to potential buyers. When you send a custom message to your social media followers, there’s a huge change a good portion didn’t see it.

    Email campaigns also allow you to create separate contact groups and categorize leads. This will lead to more effective marketing campaigns and tailored messages rather than sending a one-speaks-all message to the general public.

    Email is trick free.

    Nearly every social media site uses a different formula to decide what posts appear on your friend’s personal news feed. Most businesses have to somehow cheat or tweak the system to get noticed at all. Email marketing is simple; there are no formulas, no tricks. Ensure your email’s spam free and it’s guaranteed it will reach your client’s inbox every time.

    Email is all yours.

    If your businesses depends only on social media to generate leads and drive profit, than you’re building a castle in the air. You’re using somebody else’s business platform, and if they should ever change their rules or make a mistake, expect collateral damage to your business. With email marketing, you build your own list entirely under your control.

    There’s only one rule you need to follow, and that’s not to spam. Your list can never be taken from you, and the rules will always stay the same.


    Check Infographic “The Incredible Scope of Emails”


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