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    Email redaction is a process that businesses and government agencies go through to black out or hide sensitive information that is held in emails. This process is achieved through something known as email redaction software, which when utilized correctly helps prevent others from seeing the sensitive information that users share throughout the email environment. In short, email redaction is a vital process used by businesses, the government and military agencies to ensure their sensitive information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

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    Why use email redaction software?

    Data loss prevention is critical for businesses, as well as governmental and military agencies. Without it, leaders will spend too much time fearing that the information that helps to keep their business functioning properly will be lost. This fear is the reason that businesses of all sizes spend so much time focusing on a data loss prevention plan.

    However, one area often overlooked when looking for ways to secure and protect data is email. Email is a vital tool for an organization because it allows employees to communicate with one another. Oftentimes, users share and save valuable information in an email system. If these emails are lost the information that is held within them is extremely difficult to reproduce.

    For this reason, protecting email is critical. Many companies and agencies complete this task by using an email archival system. This is a system that will help to protect the data contained in emails if the system ever fails. One of the downsides of this type of system, however, is in regard to sensitive information. If a system does fail, the email retrieval process will cause employees to have access to emails that they may not have had before the failure. This is where email redaction comes into the picture.

    Benefits of Email Redaction?

    There are many benefits to following a email redaction process. Firstly, it is something that saves time. Neither the sender nor the receiver will need to spend additional time editing the email to reduce the amount of sensitive information that it holds. This will also help to keep the original format and context of the email for evidence if the email is legally required by a court of law for presentation in the future.

    Finally, email redaction helps to provide clarity when it comes to exactly who is allowed to view information and who is not. The benefit with this is that it helps employees to understand their responsibility and accountability requirements.

    Manually redacting an email is cumbersome and takes time that could be better spent elsewhere. To avoid this, many businesses choose to rely on an email redaction software. But choosing the right software can a challenge all in of itself. The reason is there are many tools and software options to choose from. To help make the best decision, be sure to review your options carefully and truly take your time considering specific areas of the email redaction software that are important to you. Luckily we’ve done some of the leg work for you already.

    The five items listed below are email redaction software requirements that every tool or software option must fulfill in order to provide the most valuable.

    Requirement 1: Accuracy

    When redacting emails, accuracy is one of the most important elements that should take place. Cutting out the number of errors that occur will help to ensure that the email that is being redacted will not be viewed by others. This can help an organization stay compliant and protected when it comes to data.

    Choosing an accurate email redaction software will help to make sure that an organization is not spending additional time on the process. They will be able to use the software to complete the task without fear that errors have been made. The software that is chosen should offer accuracy as one of the most important factors that it strives to uphold.

    Requirement 2: Security

    Some tools and software programs that are available for email redaction purposes work to only cover up the portion of email that is considered sensitive. This is a dangerous process, however, because there are ways that this information can still be released to those who are not allowed to receive it.

    Choose software that completely removes the data rather than simply covers it up. This helps to provide more value to the company because the data will not be retrievable through the email system. The software should also have the capability of removing any hidden content that is present in the email.

    Requirement 3: Easy to Use

    Redacting an email is not something that users should find difficult. Instead, your software program should provide the ability to complete the task with ease. Users should have the ability to easily identify the information that requires redaction and make the changes quickly.

    It should also be simple to review the sensitive information redacted so that accuracy is something that the user can verify. After this process is completed, the user will then have the opportunity to choose the format of the final document before completing the process. The fewer steps that a user goes through for redaction, verification and finalization, the better.

    Requirement 4: It’s Powerful

    Redaction jobs come in all sizes. At times, the email that requires redaction is small and only a minimal amount of information is held within it. However, this is not always the case. In fact, it is common for redaction jobs to be rather large and for them to contain a great deal of sensitive information.

    Any redaction software that is chosen should have the capability of handling both small and large redactions projects. Regardless of the size of the project, the software should have the ability to complete the task that is requested quickly and accurately. This is the best way to help save the most time and provide the most security for the company using the software.

    Requirement 5: Versatility

    Email redaction is an important part of the security that any company or government agency hopes to obtain. However, it is just as important to protect data from disasters that could cause complete data loss. While many software companies provide the option to redact emails, there are also options available to archive them.

    For the most benefit, choose software that provides users with the ability to both redact and archive their emails. Not only will the sensitive information be protected from others with this type of method, but it will also help to protect the email as a whole. Choosing software that completes both of these missions will help to ensure that the company is fully protected when it comes to the data that is held in their emails.

    At Intradyn, we believe email redaction and archival software is an option that could benefit any number of businesses, regardless of your size, as well as governmental agencies at the federal, state, county and local level. Our archival experts recommend taking your time when researching and selecting the right software. Rushing your search and settling on the first thing you find can lead to unfavorable results. Contact us today learn more about the ways our system can benefit your company.

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