Archive Operating System (AOS 6.13.1) Updates

  • Release Notes
  • Archive Operating System (AOS 6.13.1) Updates

    The 6.13.1 release of the Archive Operating System contains security patches, fixes and enhancements on top of AOS 6.13.


    Support for MS Purview Message Encryption on Journaled Emails

    Microsoft Exchange allows “encryption”. When an email is encrypted, it is not actually sent (nor is the email actually encrypted). Instead, a different email may be sent, inviting the user to log into a server to view the real email. This changes the format of journaled emails. This format change for “encrypted” journaled emails is now handled in 6.13.1.

    Read up on Microsoft Purview Message Encryption here.

    SMTP BDAT support

    Some SMTP servers send the Archiver emails using “BDAT” or chunking with bare line feeds. This is an alternate communication format that we previously did not support. Use of BDAT seems to be becoming more popular in O365 and is now supported by the Archiver beginning in this 6.13.1 release.

    Standby Performance Improvement

    There has been a speed improvement in the transfer rate of updated search indices to warm standby systems.

    Security Patches

    We have applied several security patches to the Archiver as part of AOS 6.13.1.

    1. Eliminates path traversal attack vulnerabilities (HTTP(s)).
    2. Eliminates XSS cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (HTTP(s)).
    3. Eliminates security concern: disclosure of internal IP in “Location” header (HTTP(s)).

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix for: Email export dies on emails with bad Message-ID headers.
    • Fix for: Gmail crawler rate limit exceeded issues on high load crawler jobs.
    • Fix help page display when no related help could be found.
    • Fix for: Getting Internal Error page, while clicking on “more” option on distinct addresses graph on the Dashboard page.
    • Fix for: Systems sometimes used a user’s secondary address as their primary address.
    • Fix for: Extremely long email addresses in to/from headers do not get indexed correctly.
    • Added additional headers to outgoing emails to prevent some mail servers from rejecting them.
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    Along with his business partner, Adnan successfully spun out Intradyn’s archiving business from Mirapoint Software Inc., where he held the position of vice president. Mirapoint Software was primarily focused on archiving solutions for program offices, customer support, corporate infrastructure and the supply chain. Prior to that, Adnan managed complex Internet Channel group projects at eFunds Corporation (now Fidelity National Information Services).

    Adnan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Minnesota State University and a Master of Business Administration in IT and Finance from the University of St. Thomas.

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