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Archive Operating System (AOS 6.5) Updates

Archive Operating System (AOS 6.5) Updates

Customer feedback is the primary driver behind AOS 6.5. This release enhances the current features based on direct input from the customers.

We want to extend our thanks to the customers who have been instrumental in the development of version 6.5.

This update is prepared for FOIA officers, compliance officers, and the legal department. Secondarily, there are security, stability and speed enhancements asked by the solution administrators.

The release improves and optimizes other processes like data aging, remote backup, warm standby and search for stability, fault-tolerance and security.  Additional minor improvements throughout the product for usability.

Annotate and Redact

Compliance officers, FOIA officers, and administrators who need to redact the content of the emails can now annotate the reason for redaction.
Step 1: Find the email which you like to redact
email which needs redaction
Step 2: Select text which needs to be redacted
Annotate redaction reason
Step 3: Annotate the redacted text in the popup window
Redacted email with annotation


New Search Criteria: Search by Departments

Users can now search for email by department(s). Both Active Directory/LDAP or locally created departments can be searched. This feature gives an easy way to search for every individual in a department. For example, if you want to search for all emails send or received to the sales department you can now just select “Sales” from the department list and don’t have to add the email address of all users in the sales department.
STEP 1: Click on “Add Search Term” button
Search by Department selection

STEP 2: Select one or more departments
Search by department sample


Other Enhancements:

  • Added support for new email file formats
  • Improved audit logging in search system
  • Improved data transfer speed in warm standby process
  • Improved Data Retention speed on remote backup location
  • Improved label name validation
  • Added non-ASCII character support for zip file names
  • Added “sort by” option for “My Labels”
  • Improved functionality of remote backup “pause” button
  • Added support for incorrect character-set entries in the email headers
  • Improved resilience when millions of emails need to be processed during initial load or migration
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