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Archive Operating System 5.3.1 Release Notes: Enhanced Upgrades for End Users & Administrators

Intradyn is committed to constantly updating and improving upon its email archiving solutions to ensure customers get the best and most relevant information possible. The following is our attempt to let you, our faithful customers, know about any and all changes we’ve made to our products. The latest set of release notes involves a software update to Archive Operating System (AOS) 5.3.1.

Archive Operating System (AOS) version 5.3.1 has a number of improvements and new features. Some changes, like the updated database system, are not visible, but all should improve the performance and usability of the system.

Changes for Users

With version 5.3 we added a My Mailbox view to the Email Viewing tab. This allowed users to see their email according to which folder it was stored in on an Exchange server. In 5.3.1, this feature has been expanded to include folders that are not in the inbox. Another major improvements involves:

Saved Searches and Comments Are Now Sorted

Saved searches have been alphabetized and the email comments are ordered by date with the newest on top.

Changes for Administrators

System administration has been improved with this release. Some changes are cosmetic, while others are substantive. Here are the highlights:

Cloud Backup

You can now backup your archiver to a location in the cloud. The backup is encrypted with a key supplied by you, the same way as remote backup is today, but you do not need to maintain the backup device. This can be a continuous backup or you can schedule it to only occur at pre-selected times during the day. An additional subscription is required, contact sales for details.

Support for Social Media Archiving

Content from social media providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn can now be archived the same as email. An additional subscription is required, contact sales for details.

Changes to LDAP Configuration

The LDAP configuration can be cloned so administrators can easily create multiple LDAP authenticators.

SMTP Connectors Now Support Encryption

Updated options include: no encryption, allow encryption (if the remote system uses encryption, use it, if not don’t), or require it (if the other system does not use encryption, do not communicate with it).

IP Addresses Now Allowed

SMTP configuration now allows permitted IP addresses to be set by ranges, not just individual addresses.

Updated Alerts

The nightly Notification Email will now list a failed backup as an alert. It will also report on mailbox synchronization.

Improved Message Intelligence

Message Intelligence now allows multiple groups to be defined on a single archiver. In a multi-domain environment, this provides each domain with a discrete collection of data for analysis.

We hope the improvements explained above will help make your experience using Intradyn’s email archiving solutions that much easier and seamless. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our email archiving consultants should you have any more questions about our latest software update.

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Grab our eBook: Archiving 2.0

Designed to help you extract data locked away in your archives.
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