4 Ways Email Archiving Helps Customer Service

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  • 4 Ways Email Archiving Helps Customer Service

    Customers come and go by the service they receive from your business. So it is easy to see why email archiving this is such an important part of your business and why you should invest the time, effort, and money into developing good customer service plans and policies for your employees to follow.  Email archiving, like that offered by Intradyn, is an easy way to make sure your customers get the service they expect and deserve. Email archiving services can help you with four major areas:

    Find Common Ground

    There exists an actual psychological concept that is referred to as “implicit egotism.” This theory says that we tend to like individuals more if they are similar to us. In customer service you can create this similarity by finding common ground and also showing your customers you know what it is like from their point of view. Trust Intradyn to meet the needs of you and your customer and let us help bridge the gap between you!

    Pay Attention to Complaints

    Customer complaints are never fun and yes there are customers who seem to get a great deal of joy out of complaining and making other people miserable. However it is important from a business point of view to remember that as many as 90 percent of customers said they would do business with a company again even if they had problems, provided their concerns were listened to and dealt with in a fair and sincere manner.

    Know How to End the Encounter

    When you are about to say goodbye to the customer you have been helping, do not just answer their question and walk away. Make sure you take the time to ask if they have any other problems or issues that you can help them with.

    Show Them You Care

    There are many ways you can show customers that you do care about them. Offer special rewards and discounts to loyal customers, provide sign-up incentives, and reach out to them before they contact you with an issue. Send a card or email to your best customers thanking them for their business and loyalty. These little gestures can go a long way in securing your customer base down the road, and we here at Intradyn can help you implement these features in your routine business communications.

    For more information on how email archiving can help and what else we can do to help boost your customer base and improve performances, contact us today.

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