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    Email archiving is something we hear about in the news when we hear about bridges being shut down, or lawsuits. They talk about emails and conversations that proved someone guilty or innocent. They use email archiving to access those emails and see information from prior years. But does every business need to archive emails? Maybe.

    Let’s explore 3 myths about email archiving and then you can decide.

    Myth #1. Email archiving is only necessary if the business is part of a regulated industry.

    That is true, to an extent. If you are part of a regulated industry, then you definitely need to have an email archiving system. However, all businesses have a chance of having customers or employees file lawsuits and give their side of the story. If you have archived emails, then you can also show your side of the story. What is best is when their story is verbal, and you produce emails showing they are wrong. The written emails will trump verbal complaints all the time.

    Myth #2. Internal backups are a good enough way to archive emails.

    Yes and no. Yes, internal backups are good since they can provide you quick access to information such as archived emails. However, most backups are on tape or on secondary servers. Both of these can be damaged since they reside within the business. The best backup system for emails is outside the business. That way you have an external backup that won’t be damaged if the business is damaged.

    Myth #3. Hosted email archiving is too expensive.

    This is where you have to decide what is best based on the bigger picture. While you might not need to access archived emails on a daily basis, if you do need to access them once a year, the cost is probably worth it. You don’t have to use your resources to maintain servers and use IT time. You leave that to the experts.

    Bottom line after looking at those 3 myths is that email archiving makes sense for all businesses. If you would like to talk about other myths you have heard, please contact us and let’s talk.

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