3 Benefits Of Cloud Email Archiving For Your Broker/Dealer

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  • 3 Benefits Of Cloud Email Archiving For Your Broker/Dealer

    The “Cloud Revolution” is reshaping everything from healthcare to real estate to the Financial Services Industry, and the various roles of the professionals involved in those industries. According to a recent Investment News article, the independent broker/dealer M & A market is heating up, and in times like these it is imperative to remain highly efficient with all of your essential processes like your archiving. If your email archiving isn’t keeping up with the times then you could be losing your edge. Here are three key benefits of cloud email archiving for your broker/dealer:

    1)Access Your Files From Anywhere

    Cloud-based archiving lets you work from anywhere and be a more responsive resource for your registered reps. You can access all of your files wherever you are; it’s as if you were a master craftsman and you always had the right tool with you all the time. . .like a virtual ubiquitous tool belt. Imagine the time you could save utilizing a cloud-based email archiving solution.

    2) Tap Into Your Email Archive Anytime

    Not only is your email archive available anywhere, but it’s available anytime. Whenever you need your files you’ll be able to access them 24/7 365 days a year. This also means you’ll have access to professional IT assistance with your secure archiving; FINRA is happy that the information is secure/unalterable and you’re happy it’s effortless to use.

    3) Collaborate With Anyone Under The Sun

    Finally, by using archiving in the cloud you’ll be able to collaborate with anyone. . .anywhere. . .anytime. Whether this entails working with an associate five miles down the street at your office or a representative at a remote office 2,500 miles away, you’ll be able to optimize your collaboration because you both can access and discuss cases more effectively. Enhancing your collaboration with cloud-based archiving will make you more productive and profitable. Also, the days of syncing your data manually or (God forbid) entering your data multiple times on various devices are gone; this eliminates data-entry errors and problems with outdated information. Since cloud-based archiving syncs automatically across all of your devices in real time you’ll be able to save time and energy not having to deal with unnerving complications.

    Technology has reshaped the Financial Services Industry dramatically over the last 20 years. With all of the increased scrutiny, regulatory oversight, and new record keeping requirements it is essential to have the best tool at your disposal for archiving. The cloud-based archiving revolution will help you take your business to the next level and make your job a little bit easier. One other little minor point to mention. . .it will help your broker/dealer cut costs in several key areas (e.g. IT costs, storage space, energy, and many more), but that’s important at all (wink wink). If you’re interested in discussing how to take your email archiving to the cloud with an expert, please contact us; we would love to show you how.


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