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    Designed with government agencies in mind, Intradyn’s solution makes it easy for state and federal organizations to remain FOIA-compliant.

    Records Management Made Simple

    The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires government organizations to completely or partially disclose federal agency records to members of the public upon request. In order to comply with FOIA, government organizations need to be able to produce content in a timely manner. This is often easier said than done now that federal agency records include electronic communications and given the fact that organizations receive hundreds of requests — if not more — each year.

    Here at Intradyn, we understand that government organizations are under immense pressure to ensure transparency while safeguarding sensitive information. We also recognize that FOIA requests come with a tight timeframe, meaning government employees must balance responding to requests with their already busy schedules. That’s why we’ve designed FOIA request software that not only stores electronic communications in a consolidated archive, but also makes it easy to rapidly locate, process and produce content, thereby guaranteeing compliance.


    How Intradyn Helps You Respond to FOIA Requests

    Our FOIA management software offers an array of innovative features that enable government organizations to:

    • Simplify Records Storage & Management
      Our solution captures all electronic communications in real time — and in their native format — and stores them in a secure, centralized archive, thereby creating an inalterable record. It also automatically indexes emails, text/SMS messages and social media content, so public records are easily searchable at a later date.
    • Securely Store Electronic Communications
      Given that state and federal government agencies are subject to strict data security standards, it’s imperative that your FOIA software offer enterprise-level security. From multi-factor authentication to end-to-end encryption, Intradyn leverages the latest cybersecurity technologies to safeguard archived data. In fact, our solution can help your organization become and remain compliant with multiple major government and industry security regulations.
    • Locate Records in a Matter of Minutes
      Our FOIA software includes simple yet powerful search capabilities that enable government employees to search using specific keywords, phrase queries, wildcard queries, proximity queries and range queries to generate accurate results in just minutes. Perform in-depth analysis on metadata, message and attachment content, tags, comments and more and even create saved search criteria to refine and analyze results.

    • Keep Classified Information Classified
      Some things are best kept private — that’s why our FOIA software includes a built-in redaction tool that you can use to hide sensitive or confidential information, such as physical addresses, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and personal phones numbers, before release. Redact a single word or an entire sentence — Intradyn makes it easy. Government compliance officers can also leave annotations explaining the reason for redaction.

    • Prepare Content for Sharing
      Government administrators can easily respond to FOIA requests by sharing archived electronic communications with approved parties. With our FOIA request software, you can choose from a variety of output file types (including native and standard non-native formats), add attachments and automatically send out records via email once an export is complete.

    • Scale Storage Resources as Needed
      Never worry about running out of storage space again: Intradyn is hosted in AWS’ secure cloud infrastructure, which means we’re able to offer unlimited storage. Our FOIA software also uses a clustered/federated architecture, which scales additional computing resources as your stored data grows in order to maintain peak performance levels.

    Who We Serve

    Public sector organizations at both the state and federal level are subject to FOIA, which is why our FOIA software is designed to support:

    School Districts

    Open lines of communication with students across social media and maintain detailed electronic records for posterity.

    Cities & Counties

    Capture, retain and reproduce records on a moment’s notice for FOIA requests, eDiscovery inquiries and pending litigation

    Federal Agencies

    Remain compliant with FOIA and other key regulations with Intradyn’s comprehensive archiving solution.

    State Agencies

    Manage a high volume of public records requests with real-time capture and high-powered search capabilities.

    Special Districts

    Connect disparate systems across districts with an advanced, all-in-one text messaging, social media and email archiving solution.

    Public Safety & Emergency Services

    Ensure regulatory compliance with open records laws by capturing electronic communications in real time.

    Are You Up to Date on Public Records Laws?

    See text/SMS message record retention requirements across all 50 states.

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