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What Fields can You Search On?

The powerful search interface gives you ability to search for the emails using any and all fields. You can search for full words or part of the word inside subject, body of emails or attachment.
Some of the most commonly used search parameters are:
  • Date Sent
  • Text
  • Attachment Name
  • Tag Name
  • From/To
  • Body
  • Attachment Type
  • Comment author
  • From
  • Subject
  • Attachment Content
  • Comment Tag
  • To
  • Message id
  • Random Sample
  • Comment contents
What Fields can You Search On?

What is so Advanced?

Wild Searches

There are two types of wildcard searches: single-character wildcard and multiple-character wildcard.

Single-Character Wildcard: Performing single character wildcard searches is accomplished using the question mark (?) symbol. This will find any variation of the search term with that single character replaced.

Example: fre? returns free, Fred, fret, …

Multiple-Character Wildcard: This modifier will look for any variation of the search term with zero or more characters at the point of the asterisk (*) and after.

Example: Dem* returns Demo, Demantra, Demandware, …

Wild Searches

Fuzzy Searches

A fuzzy search will allow you to search for a single term that may have been misspelled and will result in terms with similar spelling and the same number of characters. Use the tilde (~) after your single term to perform a fuzzy search.

Example: United~ returns United, Unlted, Vnited, Vnlted

Additionally, you have the ability to specify the required similarity using an optional parameter. This is done by adding a value between 0 and 1 after the tilde (~). The closer to 1 the value, the higher similarity level required. By default, the value is 0.5.

Example: United~0.8 will be more strict in its similarity requirements than United~0.2.

Fuzzy Searches

Proximity Searches

Proximity searches are used to find single terms that are located a specified distance apart.

To perform a proximity search, place the two single terms in double quotes followed by a tilde (~) and the number of words apart you wish to search.

Example: "guaranteed return"~10 results in guaranteed return, guaranteed to give you a 50% return, …

Proximity Searches

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