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18 Reasons Why Every Company Should Archive Emails

Email is easily the most popular form of communication in today’s business world — no matter if you’re a small company, multi-national corporation, nonprofit organization or even a governmental agency. Aside from chat messaging, email represents the number one way we talk to each other within the workplace. If you already know this, then it should come as no surprise why organizations large and small archive their email on a continual basis.

But while this mode of communication is a positive thing in terms of productivity and workplace efficiency, the sheer volume of email correspondence taking place between employees within a business today creates an entirely new set of concerns that not too many companies are prepared to handle.

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For instance, what happens when the amount of emails within your mail server starts to bog down the speed of your system and prevents you from sending or receiving anything? What do you do if your company is facing litigation and must produce certain emails from a year or two ago? Would you spend hours upon hours searching for the requested emails? And even more importantly, how do you produce those emails if they were deleted?

The solution is simple. Many of today’s top companies and governmental agencies use an email archiving solution to not only better manage those pesky email storage issues, but also respond to those incessant eDiscovery requests commonly involved in litigation.

The following are the top 18 reasons to consider archiving your organization’s emails, starting with the most obvious:

1. Storage Management

There’s no doubt that every day your server is filling up with more and more emails, which as we mentioned earlier can put major stress on the speed and overall performance of your system. Things can get especially problematic when you have employees who refuse to delete their emails.

An email archiving solution will take all of your emails and store them for safe keeping—meaning you’re free to delete any of the older emails and thereby free up the valuable space on your mail server.

2. Litigation

Litigation is a fact of life, especially in today’s business climate. If you’re ever faced with litigation, there is a very good chance you’ll be required to produce certain information that may exist within email communication.

Without an email archiving solution, you’ll be left to spend hours upon hours searching for emails for this information. There’s also a very good chance you may end up never finding the email, as it very well may have been deleted at some point in time. An archiving solution will enable you to search and retrieve an email in no time.

3. Knowledge Management

If you think about it, most of the communication that happens within your organization occurs via email — which essential makes your email the “Knowledge Center” of your company/agency. Even companies that intentionally silo information using tools like CRM or Basecamp must rely on email to communicate information.

Additionally, your email is a gateway to the inner workings of your company and its employees. For example, if you’re in sales and you want to know how many of your employees have contacted a prospective client and how often they have followed up, an email archiving solution will allow you to access this information using a simple search.

4. End-user Oversight

Organizations that allow the end-user, aka an employee, the ability to decide what can and cannot be deleted are usually left in a tough spot when it comes time to find an email for litigation. This is because not only does it lead to your employees deleting important emails, but it can also mean they are keeping so many emails that it makes it difficult to search and retrieve them at a later date.

With an email archiver, it doesn’t matter if the end-user deletes the email or not. The archiving solution will automatically copy the email in the archive. Additionally, archiving solutions allow for seamless search — meaning you won’t have to sift through thousands of your employees’ emails to find the one you’re looking for.

5. IT Productivity

An IT administrator is typically busy enough as it is, so the last thing they want to worry about is having to manage storage when the server gets full, or conduct a search for an email that an employee may have deleted anyway.

An email archiving solution that automatically saves emails and includes simple search capabilities allows an IT administrator to forego having to triage storage issues or conduct lengthy search inquiries — freeing up their valuable time and potentially saving your company money.

6. Regulatory Compliance

Almost every industry has some sort of federal or state regulation or rule that governs how businesses/agencies retain documents and email communication — the financial industry being one of the most stringent. At last count, there were nearly 5,000 different regulations in existence. An email archiving solution can help ensure you’re always in compliance with these regulations.

7. eDiscovery

eDiscovery requests can take an incredible amount of time to satisfy. The right email archiving solution will feature all the best tools to help you find the emails you seek as part of any eDiscovery request. An archiving solution also allows you to tag and comment about the emails in question — making them easily accessible to outside legal counsel.

8. Mail Server Performance 

An email archiving solution allows you to monitor your mail server performance at the most granular level. For instance, if you’re server is overloaded with emails, you can begin to delete the backlog of emails knowing full well that they are stored safely in the archiver. This, as a result, will improve the performance of your mail server — which in turn will make your IT department very happy.

9. Legal Holds

If you’re facing litigation, an email archiving solution gives you the capability to place a legal hold on any and all emails that pertain to the matter at hand. A legal hold allows you to not only hold on to emails for longer periods of time than your typical retention period, but also enables you to capture emails in real time that may pertain to the litigation your company is involved in.

10. Business Continuity

If you’re traveling for work and your laptop is stolen, how do you intend on getting that PowerPoint you need for your presentation in the email stored on your missing computer? If you’re company uses an email archiving solution, you’ll be able to connect remotely and access that PowerPoint with no problem. Additionally, what if your email server goes down? An archiving solution enables you to access all your archived email while technicians work on fixing the issue.

11. Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, an email archiving solution allows you to access all of your company’s important email communication while the situation is sorted out. The best part of having an email archiving solution is that you can travel back as far as you need to access your emails.

12. Auditing Ability

Every action that a person takes with their email should be audited. An email archiving solution allows you to conduct this audit, whether it is figuring out who is deleting emails, who is looking at certain emails or who is changing emails.

A top notch email archiving solution also allows for what is known as “random sampling” — which is a suitable way to ensure you’re routinely auditing your email archiving for certain activity or behavior.

13. Corporate Email Policy Implementation/Monitoring

If your corporation requires random sampling of internal or external communication, an email archiving solution will allow you to implement this sampling process — ensuring you’re staying up to date on what’s happening with your own company.

14. Business Intelligence

Believe it or not, all of the intelligence surrounding your organization can be found in your email. An email archiving solution is the perfect tool to access the most important information within your business. For instance, if you want to know which of your sales associates has the best contacts with a particular client, an email archiving solution will help you figure it out.

If you want to know whether an associate is providing enough customer service to a potential client, an archiving solution can help you determine that as well. Even better, if you suspect an employee is getting ready to leave your company, an email archiving solution will let you find the information you need.

15. Centralized Administration Email Policy

There are certain words that should never be used in certain industries. The most notable example is profanity. But how do you know if your employees are using colorful language without the right monitoring tools? An email archiving solution allows you to back up your centralized administration email policy by giving you the tools you need to monitor your employee’s emails for inappropriate language.

16. Right to Know Requests

An email archiving solution is the perfect tool for governmental agencies that must respond to Right to Know requests, in addition to the various other sunshine laws and regulations. An archiver can help you respond to these requests in a timely manner — ultimately saving you time and money in the process.

A top rated archiving solution should also include redaction capabilities that allow you to remove personal information from any and all documents.

17. Saves You Money

At the end of the day, an archiving solution will save you money. Whether it’s your time or your employee’s time, an archiver will help you cut back on the work you need to do to conduct email search, satisfy eDiscovery requests or reduce email storage load.

18. Protection of Intellectual Property

Your email contains a boatload of intellectual property and you may not even realize it. Without an email archiving solution, you risk losing this information should an employee either delete their email or leave your company. An archiver allows you to prove that the information contained within these emails is the property of your company and not that of the employee.


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