18 Reasons Why You Need Email Archiving for Your Business

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  • 18 Reasons Why You Need Email Archiving for Your Business

    The digital age has fundamentally changed the way people interact and communicate with each other. For businesses both large and small, this change is sweeping, but there are ways to easily keep track of messages and essential communications through the practice of email archiving.

    Businesses now have a plethora of convenient, cheap, and eco-friendly ways to catalog their correspondences. Chat messaging, texting, and VOIP have all become common forms of correspondence, but email remains king.

    Whether it’s used to keep in touch with colleagues, clients, or customers, email is the most widely-used messaging medium for business. In fact, over 281 billion emails are sent per day. On average, businesses with 1000 employees send and receive up to 40,000 business emails per day. That’s a staggering number of messages of which to keep track of, and emails contain some of the most critical information that a company needs to keep things running smoothly.

    How Can Businesses Keep Track of So Many Emails?

    With the rise of digital communication methods, the majority of businesses archive their email on a regular basis. Although sending and receiving emails may be an inexpensive and efficient means of conducting business, this avalanche of digital mail has created an entirely new set of problems for business owners and employees alike. Email archiving can help businesses breathe a little easier with the knowledge that their valuable communications are safe and easily accessible through a sophisticated email archiving database and software.

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    What Problems Does Email Archiving Resolve?

    It’s vital for businesses to archive their emails. Without an email archiving system in place, companies can experience any number of issues, including the following :

    • An inability to send or receive new emails due to the sheer volume of emails slowing down the mail server
    • Inadequate email records for procurement in the event of litigation or other legal issues
    • An inability to procure essential email messages if they’ve been deleted

    An email archiving system can save you the hassle of sifting through thousands of emails if an important message is accidentally deleted, as well as prepare for any potential eDiscovery requests. It’s in your best interest to join the world’s leading companies and government agencies in using an email archiving solution to better manage your email storage.

    What Are the Benefits of Email Archiving?

    In addition to enabling end-users and employees to quickly access email messages, an email archiving system makes it easier to meet quotas and conserve server speed, all while preserving valuable information. Listed below are some of the additional benefits an email archiving solution can provide:

    • Immediate access all emails ever sent and received
    • Freedom from creating personal folders (PST)
    • An unlimited user mailbox
    • Search functionality to look through the content of email bodies and attachment files
    • Access to a simple tagging mechanism
    • Automatic backup of all email communication
    • Automatic backup of all contacts, calendar items, and other relevant data

    As you can see, email archiving gives companies the ability to focus on conducting business and effectively communicating with clients and colleagues. Many email archiving systems include an auto tagging feature that can be based on general criteria or refined to precise criteria and granular tagging.

    Questions to Ask Before Buying an Archiving Solution
    Questions to Ask
    Before Buying an Archiving Solution
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    Why is It Important for Corporate Organizations to Archive Emails?

    Now more than ever, IT departments are expected to deliver more on a barebones budget; this expectation also puts serious stress on corporate organizations’ operational capital expenditure budgets. This places pressure on organizations to buy more software and hardware to store their ever-increasing email data, which isn’t a feasible long-term solution. It’s critical that corporate organizations implement enterprise-wide email archiving solutions to reduce the size of email storage needed and, as a result, save on the cost of acquiring new hardware.

    Let’s explore the top 18 reasons why businesses should invest in an email archiving system.

    1. eDiscovery
    EDiscovery requests are time and resource-consuming if you don’t have a simple way to comply. Email archiving allows you to tag and comment on specific emails, making them easily accessible for outside legal counsel to read and peruse.

    2. Right-to-know Requests
    If you are part of an agency that is required to respond to right-to-know requests, an archiving solution will enable you to respond to these requests rapidly, saving you time and money.

    3. Regulatory Compliance
    Every industry is subject to state and federal regulations regarding the storage and retention of documents and email messages. Email archiving solutions provide a streamlined approach to regulatory compliance.

    4. Litigation
    Litigation typically requires some form of email correspondence procurement, often up to several years back. An email archiving solution can procure emails with a single click, saving you the effort of sifting through thousands of old emails.

    5. Storage Management
    Every day, your mail server fills up with more and more emails. Unfortunately, digital volume slows down the speed and performance of your server — and if you have employees who refuse to delete their emails, you have a potentially massive problem on your hands.

    An email archiving system will take all of your emails and store them in a safe place. You can still delete email, but copies of those emails will be kept within the archiving system, which frees up a ton of space and keeps your server working up to speed.

    6. Disaster Recovery
    If your computer is destroyed or your server goes on the fritz, email archiving protects your valuable email messages from corruption. In the event that your laptop is stolen or misplaced, you will have access to all your emails which are secure in the email archiving solution.

    7. IT Productivity
    IT administrators are incredibly busy and don’t have the time to worry about managing their email storage. Email archiving will save your IT pros from wasting valuable time working out mail server storage issues. Email archiving takes care of that for them, freeing them up to do bigger and better things for the business.

    8. End-user Oversight
    If your employees are able to decide which emails to delete and which to keep, you could be in a world of trouble — they could end up deleting essential information or clogging up the server. An email archiving solution helps prevent this kind of employee oversight.

    9. Mail Server Performance
    Want to make your IT department happy? Start deleting your backlog of emails to get servers back up to speed. With email archiving, those deleted emails will always be accessible at a later date should you need to obtain them.

    10. Legal Holds
    A legal hold enables you to retain emails for longer than the standard retention period, Email archiving enables you to place a legal hold on any emails that pertain to litigation suit, as well as can also capture in real-time any emails that relate to current litigation.

    11. Knowledge Management     
    Since most in-house communication takes place via email, your email server is the gateway to the brain and working memory of your company. Even companies that silo information using tools like CRM or Basecamp still rely on email to communicate effectively. An email archiving solution enables you to quickly access information about employee and client communications with a simple search.

    12. Business Continuity
    To continue doing business in case of a major disaster, you need access to key services and data. Email is one of the key pieces of data. You can continue with the ongoing business by accessing the recent emails.

    13. Auditing Ability
    Regular auditing enables businesses see who is deleting, looking at, or changing specific emails. With an email archiving system, you can adequately review emails for particular activities and behaviors.

    14. Protect Intellectual Property
    Your emails contain IPs of which you and your employees might not be aware. Without an email archiving system in place, you risk losing valuable IP via accidental deletion. Archiving enables you to keep IP safe and verify that the information in your emails belongs to your company and not the individual who sent or received the email.

    15. Centralized Administration Email Policy
    If your company has an internal code of conduct or policy against sharing sensitive information, an email archiving solution can provide tools to monitor employee emails and redact personal information from sensitive documents.

    16. Corporate Email Policy: Implementation and Monitoring
    Stay abreast of internal and external digital communication happening within your company by using email archiving to implement a sampling process.

    17. Business Intelligence
    Email archiving enables you to access some of the most essential information for your business via a simple search, such as which sales associate has the best contacts with one of your VIP clients or which employees provides the best customer service experience to your clients.

    18. Email Archiving Saves Money
    Email archiving provides a streamlined process for handling email messages and addressing storage issues, which can save you money. Whether it’s less time spent responding to eDiscovery requests or figuring out who has the best contacts for your star clients, you’ll make and save cash when you implement an enterprise-wide email archiving system.


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    Questions to Ask Before Buying an Archiving Solution
    Questions to Ask
    Before Buying an Archiving Solution
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