Intradyn RazorSafe

Hardware-based Email Archiving Appliance


Our flagship email archiving appliance celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year, and for good reason: we’ve kept up with the times. As email has moved from a mission-critical solution to a marketplace ubiquity, we’ve strode ahead with the customer-inspired features and 99.999% uptimes that you’ll feel good about saying “yes” to.

The RazorSafe email retention and archive-management appliance allows you to back-up your email remotely on Network-Attached Storage (NAS) or Common Internet File System (CIFS) systems for quick recovery, high performance, and trouble-free searches.

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Intradyn Orca

Orca eats mailstores for lunch—fixed or distributed within your server processors— as the virtual machine that makes your entire email system run more efficiently. The Orca virtual appliance email archiver is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes Domino, Novell GroupWise, and any other mail server using IMAP, POP or SMTP protocol.
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Compliance Is King

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Nearly every business and organization is governed by local, state, or federal compliance regulations for email archiving. Additionally, if you so much as hear a rumor that your messages will be subpoenaed, you need to lock down that content immediately or face fines, prosecution, and/or increased lawyer bills.

U.S. Industries Affected by Compliance Laws
    • Regulations
    • EEOC requires emailed resumes to be kept for a minimum of one year
    • SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4
    • Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
    • Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
    • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), State and local open records laws (Sunshine Laws)
    • FOIA and Sunshine Laws regarding government student loan programs
    • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CRD Part 11
    • Gramm-Leach Bliley (GLB) Act
    • Affected Industries
    • All employers
    • Securities firms, investment banks & advisors; Insurance agents and brokerages that deal in securities
    • All public companies;
      Firms estimated to be acquired by public firms; Accounting firms for public companies are also required to archive their own electronic records.
    • Healthcare providers
    • State and local government entities
    • Higher education institutions
    • Food, drug and medical device manufacturers
    • Banking and finance firms and organizations
eDiscovery is a Provision in Federal & State Statutes

Discovery is a legal process that allows attorneys on both sides to ask for information that is relevant to a case and that may lead to the discovery of other important facts and information. Parties to a lawsuit are required to provide this information in the discovery portion of the case. This includes ediscovery of computer files, electronic data and email correspondence and attachments, which fall under the purview of email retention law. Entities and organizations must comply with ediscovery requests while following other laws, such as EEOC and HIPAA email compliant procedures.

Federal Laws and Rules
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) govern civil procedure in the United States district courts, including court procedures for civil lawsuits.
  • USA Patriot Act
  • FOIA
State Laws and Rules
  • States make their own rules that apply in their own courts, however most states have adopted the rules that are based on the FRCP.
  • SRCP (State Rules of Civil Procedures)
  • Public Record Laws
  • Open Meeting Laws
Contact Intradyn today to find out how your business can comply with government email retention law as it relates to your business and industry email correspondence with appliances and backup systems.

Turbo Charge Investigation Message Intelligence gives you access to Social Analytics from communication across your organization known as the enterprise social graphs.

  • Investigation triage without needing access to your system-of-record
  • Real-time access to rich social data for interactive investigation of individuals and groups
  • Visual insight to extend the investigation as needed
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Intradyn email archive solutions sustain message integrity without duplication, all the way down to the attachment level (even .zip files)! Customers who switch from legacy systems to RazorSafe or Orca enjoy upwards of 40% to 70% (and more!) reduction in mail stores. That saves you money on storage while increasing confidence that your mailstore is compliant with those “7 years of email” regulations.

Mail Management Features

Email Management

Browser-Based Access Interface

  • Intuitive, user-friendly web browser administration interface
  • Complete administration access via SSL
  • Powerful search capabilities, plus search-result exporting
  • Access control tool or your company’s own firewall
  • Granular-level user and group policies that enforce/restrict access to individual features

Backup & Restore

  • Choose from multiple backup and restore options
  • Easily move data offsite and satisfy compliance requirements with WORM tape backup
  • Virtual appliances can use the snapshot feature to create backups and restore data
  • Optimized disk-based backup for faster recovery
  • Built-in migration feature so your data is available to you in the format you need

Active, Multi-Level Deduplication

  • Achieves up to 70% disk saving with advanced deduplication algorithm
  • Deduplicates with Single Instance Storage
  • Deduplicates each email and message body separately: the same file with different names will be stored only once
  • Finds files inside zip files and de-duplicates them through the system

Mail Server Load Management

  • Centrally managed
  • Low OPEX and fits IT backup policies
  • Cost-effective storage of emails on second-tier storage
  • Large folders are not left behind to slow down the server
  • No stubs, no Exchange® impact
  • Complex searches do not impact the email server
  • Simplified and fast email disaster recovery

Compliance Features

Meet Compliance Requirements

Browser-Based Access Interface

  • Ensure that all emails and attachments are retained automatically
  • Monitor and review email and attachments for policy compliance
  • Index, search, and audit email & attachments to respond to regulatory requests
  • Protect your organization with audit trails & access controls


  • Compliant with data retention and aging policies
  • Reduced audit costs
  • Support for case management and workflow
  • Complete due diligence and care with data safety/integrity
  • Follow best practices for data access (minimal privileges)

Message Integrity

  • Highly secure file system layout
  • Implementation of multiple security layers for data safety
  • Export search results to mailbox or to a .PST or .EML file
  • AES 256-bit encryption

Data Retention Policies

  • Easy and innovative data retention policy configuration
  • Retain everything forever or retain based on time, group, domain or email level
  • Advanced auto notification
  • Advanced scheduling keeps your data automatically up to date with your retention policies

eDiscovery Features

Advanced Search Capabilities

eDiscovery data searches can be automated to enforce corporate email policies:

  • Schedule searches to implement corporate email policy
  • Save search criteria for frequently performed searches
  • Perform searches at many levels, such as: subject, body, from, fuzzy expressions, typos, and more
  • Multi-language searching capabilities and fully compatible with international character-sets

Legal Holds

  • Create legal hold tags in seconds
  • Easily apply legal hold tags to all existing emails in the system
  • Automatically apply legal hold tags to new emails
  • Manage tags, add comments, or search for them using advanced search interface
  • Automatic notification when new email is tagged with legal hold
  • Give permission to the whole team or just an individual

Case Management

  • Allows legal and human resources departments to automatically search for sensitive emails, tag them, and ensure they remain on the RazorSafe or Orca (no aging)
  • Comments and additional tagging can be added to emails under legal hold to support analysis and workflow
  • Advanced searching allows optimal workflow and processing
  • Case management among multiple team members

Message Integrity

  • Highly secure file system layout
  • Multiple security layers
  • Export search results to mailbox or to a .PST or .EML file

Client-Side Tools

Outlook® Client Integration

  • Provides same search capabilities as eDiscovery
  • Ability to save one or all messages within folders
  • Compatible with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Ability to restore messages to Inbox or to other folders

Items Crawler

  • Import Outlook calendar appointments and outlook contacts
  • View user-specific Outlook contacts with a single click
  • Interfaces with Exchange Server 2007 SP1® and above
  • Take the load off your mail server by running from any machine on your network

PST Tools & Local PST Management

  • Add-on tool for exporting and importing emails from PST files.
  • Easily import emails directly from PST files to RazorSafe or Orca
  • Allows users to export archived emails

Email Crawler

  • Import existing emails
  • Refine imports to specific users date ranges
  • Available for Microsoft Exchange Server®, Lotus Domino®, and Novell GroupWise®

User Productivity

Outlook® Client Integration

  • Users can search their email archive quickly and easily via a native UI
  • End-user ability to restore deleted emails with one-click
  • Users spend less time managing email
  • Administrators no longer spend time restoring deleted emails for end-users
  • Continuity in business knowledge
  • Email data mining for key business information (e.g. last quoted price)
  • Optimized search results within seconds across all email headers, body, and attachments
  • Advanced search and notification capabilities with word proximity, weighting & advanced Boolean logic
  • Outlook, Notes, GroupWise plugins
  • Email tagging and comments