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Store All of Your SMS, WhatsApp & Text Messages Securely in One Place


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In today’s fast-paced work environment, text and SMS messages have become a primary form of business communication, every bit as essential as email. And, like email, text and SMS messages are subject to industry regulations, federal legislation and legal proceedings. In order to ensure compliance, you need a way to store all of your SMS/MMS, WhatsApp and text message records in a single, secure location. That’s where Intradyn comes in.

Intradyn’s SMS/Text Message Archiver is a full-service archiving solution designed to categorize, index and preserve mobile communications from any device. Compatible with all major carriers, our Archiver makes it easy to search, retrieve and reproduce messages in native and standard non-native formats, so you can remain compliant.

Don’t take our word for it though — set up a live demo today to see what Intradyn’s really capable of.

Text Message Archiving Demo

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