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  • In the business world many things are performed with email.  Everything from placing orders, correspondence, providing quotes and more rely on effective email archiving.  Emails are also considered documentary evidence in the eyes of the law.  In order to comply with legal requirements and meet specific data archiving needs many businesses are utilizing cloud-based email archiving.

    According to an article in Website Magazine, “Small businesses (less than 50 employees) have generally adopted cloud applications at a slightly higher rate than large organizations (more than 1,000 employees) during the past twelve months: 48 to 38%...private cloud adoption was highest among larger organizations.”

    Cloud Email Archiving

    A business will need an email archiving service that is cost effective and has reliable search and retrieval capabilities.  When a company utilizes cloud-delivered email archiving, they may have no need to install additional software or hardware to their current system.  A cloud email archiving service will respond on-demand and can begin functioning within minutes.

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

    SaaS is software specifically developed for cloud computing.  There is a concern by various organizations it may provide access to important business data by unauthorized personnel.  The security developed for private cloud-hosted archiving provides data protection at the same level of as many in-house data archiving operations.  It is designed to provide several levels of security.

    Infinite Storage Capabilities

    As the utilization of email increases so does the need have adequate archiving storage abilities.  Email archiving with private cloud is able to expand to meet the needs of companies of any size. This can be done without the business incurring any additional fees for data archiving.  Cloud-based storage can accommodate an unlimited growth in data.

    Organized Archiving

    Data can be effectively archived as well as organized.  This is important for organizations that need to keep certain emails accessible by outside entities but not all emails.  Archives can be organized according to the needs of specific business situations.

    If you would like to know the benefits and opportunities of email archiving with private cloud we can help. Contact us today and learn more.

    Azam Qureshi

    Azam is the president, chief technology officer and co-founder of Intradyn. He oversees global sales and marketing, new business development and is responsible for leading all aspects of the company’s product vision and technology department.

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